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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The In Thing with Facebook

I must admit, i'm addicted to Facebook. Whenever i open a browser, Facebook. Whenever i close a browser, Facebook again. Oh ya, I'm back on blogger. Well, was actually inspired by blog. Amidst the busy schedule he have with his kampungs and drinks and leeches, he still be able to write. Oh ya, he also work lar... I think something like a man biting koala or a Hippopotamus in pink pon pon.

So, i'm saying about Facebook. What with Facebook that is so so so, i mean really, the in thing and addicting stuff? If i have the ability to sustains hour and hour of looking at computer screen, i think i'll stuck in Facebook, foreeevvvveeeerrrrr....

The fellow that create this portal sure getting $$$ a lot. Or a lot of $$$??? Confusing, after so used to the Facebook language.

It is fun, seeing people post different things there, movies, songs, notes, critics, attacks, politics and etc. Where else can you get all those in one? Facebook, obviously. I'm not promoting Facebook if some of you were asking yourself when going through this essay, or whatever that you called it, (i rather called it a crap). It is upon curiosity, why Facebook? Aint Twitter better? Or what happen to Friendster (used to be the in thing before the arrival of Facebook in UNIMAS community).

I don know. There is always way to different route. Same as here. Not only staff Facebooking (hereforth, Facebook is fb cos i tired of typing the long long word. Phew, what a relieve~~). Student fb, lecturer fb, even my friend 56 years old dad is fb'ing and added me in his friend list (that apparently, we never contact after add). And i have over 700 friends in fb that 80% of them i never met. Lol~~~

Even the government now go to fb. Ever heard of 1Malaysia fb? What to say advertisement, that obviosuly taking advantage of this and start manipulating people. It is not that i don support marketers as i being one, but that the reality. The moral, don trust the advertiser cos mostly are hypocritical and manipulators. So, am i slapping myself now? *&(*^^%^&%$^&.........

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