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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Suprises and Touching Moment

Yesterday was my dad visit to Kuching. Actually he is on a course organized by the state government at Merdeka Palace. Was a nice place and like it. Well, next time when i got extra money and time, will have one or two night stay there with my family. Nice ya.

Then promise my dad will bring him over to some places at Kuching last night. So we went to Boulevard. He was amazed by the sheer size of that Hypermall. So we went to park our car at ground floor (usually i do that and park there though need to pay). Once we went in the entrance from parking, my dad just pause for a while and call up a guy... "ah liang" (in Hakka). That guy replied and for that instance i saw my dad almost cried in joy. That guy was my father brother, my uncle. He ask me to greet him and in Hakka but i can't do it as i'm not at all literate in Hakka.

So the story of my family goes like this. My dad came from a broken family. My grandpa have four wives and dozens of siblings. As far as i know, my grandma was the third or last one and she is a Native (Iban in precise). So i have a mix blood then. Ha ha.... (No wonder i can drink like what, ha ha...). Ok, back to the story. So my dad have 13 brothers and my dad rank number 9 (The one that we met rank number 8 in the Jee's Family Tree). But me and my siblings never met any of them. My dad move to Sarikei at a very young age at 18 i guess, and my grandpa was at Sarikei at that moment. But at that time i think the family have already separated. By the way, my dad originally from Kuching but never back for decade. So, me and my siblings never met our grandparents and uncles and aunts.

Well actually i did met my grandma once in Sarikei. I was 16 that time and basically i don't care what is what (rebellious actually that time). So can't recall her face. I regretted that so much when think back of it.

My uncle look so much like my dad. Body size, hand, foot, neck, belly, face, height. Almost identical but just that my dad is darker and my uncle is fairer. Ha ha... But they from different mother. My dad was the third or last, i can't recall, and my uncle from the second mother. Complicated family. Both of them hug and chats and can see their eye shiver in red, like their precious diamond almost drop to the earth. I just stunt there. Can't say a single word as i really don't know what to say actually.

But there is no initiative to reunited all the siblings in my dad family by anyone (i must do the other way then, reunite). They might from different mothers, but i think that we are all family and we are close family, blood related family and should reunite at least for a dinner during Chinese New Year. I hope it will happen and if it really happen, i will try the best to get my family to meet all the siblings in my dad family and as well as their childrens that will be my cousins. Well, hope my Grandpa in Heaven will bless us and my motives here. Not for money or materials, but as a family we must unite. Or else, what Chinese New Year is for then? Right? I will do my part to reunite them all. And i'm eager to meet my close relatives. All this while, years, i only know my mom family and that's is about all. Never met any of my dad's one.


Monday, October 27, 2008


I must confess, i'm not a robot. Was pretty sick last night and have heavy medication to stop it. Plus sleep without fan and let it sweat. This morning still feel a bit sinus and dizziness.

Well, a lot fo people ady told me, 'jeff, you're not a Robot that operate 24/7!'. Well, it's a habit ady i guess. Was sick since yesterday noon but still come to office to work. Ha ha... Should learn to slow down and see more greens. Wish me luck then.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lake Side Canteen - UNIMAS

Still the old days the best moment. I think most of the graduates from UNIMAS graduated before 2008 will likely agree on my statement. Back at those days, we only have four main college and three of it located as so called 'old campus' now. We all, from different faculty, from different years, live together under one roof, share the same facilities and play together at those time. Not like nowadays where student from same year doesn't know their own badge students from other faculty. One reasons, they are separated. Can tell you guys, i have friends from engeenering, cog science, social science, marine and many more and i'm from business.

Well, talking of all those nostalgic moment is really good though, but reality is that it never and won't exist again for the students now and the future in UNIMAS. The most memorable to us is this - lake side canteen or populary known as 'Ensurai Canteen'. It is the most popular and pack spot at the glorious UNIMAS moment. Here is where all the students and lecturers and staffs have their breakfast and tea break. We used to escape classes and come to this place for our regular smoke and tea break. In fact some lecturers also do that. It's a good place though.

Though it's small, but it serve us well.

In fact the view of this place is good and very calming. We come here at late of the day just to calm our brain down after days of hard work and hectic. We even used to 'kayak' in this lake. How nice it were.

Now, it have been closed. For two years already it doesn't bear any visitors. Just us the one that really miss the old days. Heard that it was some stupid arrogant big shot in UNIMAS that ordered this place to be closed down. Reasons - Due to too many canteen in old campus.
The fact is that we only have three canteen left in old campus where one located in campus itself where the rest at college that still used and occupied inside old campus. And too many canteen. Students were complaining no one sell food after 4.00 p.m in campus then they have to went outside or secretly cook in their colleges. So does that reasons - too many canteen - fit it.

Lucheon and Dinner

It is Sunday and basically this is the day where i will laze my day off waiting for Monday. But this two days i didn't laze off just like that. So decided to cook nice Luncheon and Dinner for myself.

Introducing, 'Jeff' special 'Deep Fried Chicken Wing'. So prepare few chicken wings. Separate the drumstick from the wing. Then put in a deep bowl, put some salt to marinate it first and then an egg and mix it la. Before that, remember to wash it first. Hygene is important here. Then put in some frying flours. Can get it in any sundry or supermarket easily. I use KFC's packet one. Nice. Mix it all and put aside for five to ten minute.

Then put some more of that flour in a flat pan. Deep the chicken in the flour again, cover it all with flour and you can fried it.

Well, before that, please do heat up the cooking oil. And when ready, put on small heat and you can start fry the chicken.
If too hot, the chicken will be burn so remember to control the fire.

Fry untill the chicken is golden in color and tada... ready to be served.

Look like bought from restaurant one right. Ha ha... Below is my lunch for today. Plus dinner la. Ha ha....

Below is yesterday lunch and dinner.

But nothing all above beats my mom cooking. Last new year, we have Hot Pot. And there sat my dad, with his huge belly.

Ha ha....
I'm Cool~~~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Spongebob Squarepants

Introducing, 'SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS'. Ha ha.... By now, i think you guys will think that i am childish. I'm 24 this year coming 25 soon. Ha ha.... But, i still want to introduce the best and most stupid cartoon that i definitely like. It's not The Simpsons but it's Spongebob Squarepants.

He have a good buddy, Patrick, that always hang around everyday jelly fishing and went to some clown restaurants for candy and ais-cream.

Spongebob is timid and Patrick is basically stupid. Spongebob lived in a pineapple and Patrick live under a stone like most star fish were.

They have a very easily annoyed neighbour, Squidward, that always play his Sax and live in his own happy world. Not a nice naighbour and he live in a stone statue. Both Spongebob and Squidward work at the same place, Krusty Krab.

Well spongebob also have a very adorable pet, Gary, that was a snail but sound like a cat. Awkward.... This cat, no, snail, is pretty aggressive and lazy. But still, he is cute.

Krusty Krab owner, spongebob boss, apparently is a Crab and populary known as Mr. Krabs. He likes money, i mean LIKES...., and all this characters evolve around money and money. When he see money, his eyes will blinks and glows.

Not also forgetting Spongebob another best buddy, Sandy, that was a squirrels that live under the sea, from Texas, and breath with a big ball alike glass that seems to be never out of oxygen. Awkward... Ha ha... She is a karate master and always practice karate with spongebob and patrick at Sandy place that was a big underwater fish tank that fill with air and some grass with a tree house inside it.

Lastly, the one and not least, Plankton, the villian in this cartoon that own Chunk Bucket. He always try to steal Mr. Krabs Krabby Pattie secret Recipy but never succeded in his attempt. Poor plankton. "I feel you"...

Above all, i like this cartoon cos it is really really cute.......... I even have some Spongebob dolls in my car. Ha ha.... Fanatic.....

Your Cool~~~


Finally... Finally... Finish the class and the final marks from me have been submitted up to my boss for his part. Been a well done semester to all my students. Though there were up and down, good and bad, but all done their best and i believe they can strive their best in the coming exam and other subjects.

p/s: Kids, do have a rest before proceed to study. But don't overdo it.

Well, need to prepare for next semester classes. Will meet new students from second year. So those who will be meeting me again, you know my style and what i need. Be a practical marketers and not book based one. Use your brain as what Dr Ernest always say. Good luck and wish me luck in my upcoming presentration in IBBC conference and colloqium at KL. Hopefully another one at Jakarta will be confirm goes on. And not forgetting the upcoming progress report meeting in December.

I'm Cool~~~ Your Cool~~~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Outrages and Totally Incredible!!!

I just don know how to exactly put in words la dei. This fler really something la. I mean Niamah la dei. Accidently click on his blog link in my supervisor blog and i end up laugh like hell alone in office. WTF la dei!!! ha ha....

He was pointing at this 'you know who i mean' fler YB that make some outrageous statements and basically it is kinda of like making jokes of 'mata' in Chow Kit road and practically almost every 'mata' fler in this BolehLand. Ha ha....

Here some. "KL area 'unsafe', so police base closed".

WTF!!! Police Based close cos the area is unsafe. I think i wrongly read but no, it is true. Then when asked of the reasons 'WHY?', here some even funnier responses.

It was located in a 'dirty' area where there is a possibility of being exposed to contagious diseases.

Ok ok. like what Niamah say, hold your breath. More to come le dei.

"The presence of criminals also posed a threat to the safety of the police officers".

What la. Damn...... Ha ha ha ha ha ha......... Nice one Pet, no, i mean Niamah. Cos it is really Niamah......

And Kenny, learn from this fler la, dei..... Ha ha.... Can't stand it la. My Cheek Bone and Stomach ache like hell now. Damn. Ha ha......


Adopted from:

Anime fan outside there sure will be familiar with this Anime - Bleach. Staring Kurosaki Ichigo as the main character. Just a bit of sneek peak on this Anime. The best Anime that i would strongly recommend to friends.

Adopted from:

Well, it comes in Game also. Well, i think almost every movies and Anime nowadays have their own version of games and mostly were PS2 or Pc-Dvd format. More info on this Anime, go to


Monday, October 20, 2008


Did you notice anything different with this ad? Saw it in RHB Bank UNIMAS branch. Well, was working in this field with some of the authors/researchers and found it rather amusing. If you really go and study the ad (yellow), you notice that the background and personality used are rather different for Malaysian ad. Of course the language is also different.

Well, will post it here again when i found a similar ad in BM and let you guys see the differences. So please bear with me on that.

Your Cool~~~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stress and Depression

A busy week it is. Have almost all my data back and now continiously doing data feeding into SPSS and preparing for analysis. Finish the class for MR and i don think i will meet any of them in any classes. Unless they repeated and i am still around in UNIMAS (hope that time is a lecturer in UNIMAS already).

Well, just last sunday went to Spring Mall and and met this group of medical people that eventually are psychologist. Well, sat down and try on the test they conducting ---> Stress and Depression. Cant really recall depression test but stress, yes i do. The questionnaire were in chinese so basically i don know those characters (accept my name). So this wonderful lady assistant translate word by word, sentence by sentence for me.

So basically there is 16 questions all together. The test is like this, the more u score, the stresser you are and something should be done. Guess what, i score all. It gave me a shock. It is not i fooling with that lady, but i answer it sincerely. Well, the first instance is, "Shit, i'm in trouble!!!". Then i think what i should do. The easiest solution. I need more beer. Ha ha... That would really help me a lot. Ha ha...

P/s: Thanks Will.

I'm Cool~~~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lucky and Relieve

Wow..... I'm considered lucky already this time. Last few day was over at my friend house. So did come back home for a while, bath and stuff. Last night were there and came back this morning after have breakfast with them.

The moment i reach home, i notice my bike was gone (i stay at flat). Nervous and call my dad to tell him that. Then went down to the security house to ask whether they saw it or not. They say no and suddenly in my mind, thought of looking around the flat area first.

Wow, found it. Apparently my bike can't start and i have not repair it. Well, this stupid (actually they are clever, but just use wrongly their talents) thieves broke my bike lock and try to start my bike. I think that they can't start it so they try to push out from my place. By seems that there is security guard around and a security post with only one in out entrance, they decided to leave my bike and go back empty handed. They (i think more than one person) just leave it at one block behind the block i stay.

I almost got heart attack from that. Gosh. But luckily that it is not gone. So call my dad again to tell him what happen and that i have found it back. He told me no need to report to police already as the police can't do much, most probably nothing. As i guess and doubt their abilities.

Today, Lucky~~~ What a relieve.
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