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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My First Attempt Paintball

Welcome to my zone! Have a real nice outing last sunday. Went for a paintball tournament behind Wisma Saberkas. Team up with the staff from FEB and one lecturer. Well it is all our first time play paintball before and we were consider underdog at that moment. Mainly because all of us is above 24 years old and other team they were all very young, in their second and third year only. Well, we prove them wrong for underestimating us, Bravo team. We manage to win the first two match, eliminate two elite team, one from Palapes and another From Suksis (police cadet). Wow, we really shock but quite proud as we emerge champion for group A. Gathering 175 out of 300 points. We were in the semi and unluckily lost three match afterwards.

This is me, loosing the game. Ah!!! I was head-shot. The fun part is we manage to play 6 round of match and it is the satisfying part that keep us going, not winning the trophy. Well, there always other time to get my revenge. We play from eight thirty morning till 6 afternoon. That really satisfying. Using all the knowledge i have on attack and querilla combat style. Ha ha... Do it well and was compliment by few Pro's that watch us battle. What a privilege.

Will play other time. GO! GO! GO! UP and LOADED!

This is the field. Muddy and Nice.

Team Bravo!

Field of Combat

GO! GO! GO! Up and loaded. This is the few phase that most of the teenagers always heard of. It's from Counter Strike TM game. Well in reality, it is almost impossible for us to go for combat with rea- life riffle, gun and grenade. But in the mist of impossibility, it is actually possible for us to go for combat, either scenario or gureilla game with one thing that not alien to most of the people now-->Paintball.

Fire In The Hole!

Paintball is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with liquid-filled, breakable, gelatin paintballs shot from a compressed-gas-powered marker. It is a game of 5 to 10 person per side, both fighting each other eliminating them by shooting each other, opponent. the scenario here is to eliminate as many as possible within the time limit set by the marshal per game then grab the opponent flag and return to base with it. Each time one team member was kill, points will be deducted, 5 point for winning team for each member and 10 point for loosing team for each member. The game is based primary on points not on killing each other primary. Bear in mind, paintball is extremely safe.

There are few equipment of paintball. The gun known as marker, paintballs, mask, vest and propellant pressure that normally use CO2 for firing paintballs out.

There are few game type of paintball. Most of common is scenario. Other were woodsball, speedball, vitals, stock class, and most commonly played, tournament paintball.

Sound interesting, then grab one today and have fun with your dude and chicks. Game On!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ha ha... Its me again. Last week is my mom birthday and i manage to go back apart from settle some of my personal stuff back home.

This is the cake that my dad bought. Not much but it is my dad first ever time buy a cake for my mom. Wow... So.. Ew... Dad!!! See the writtings on that cake? "Wife, love you". Dad!!! Ew... Anyway i'm quite happy for it. Cos it is my mom birthday.

Pretty ha. For the record, it is my birthday as well. My birthday is the same day as my mom, 4th March. But my mom celebrate lunar calender birthday that fall on first month of lunar calender. I celebrate 4th March, but yesterday i don't celebrate it as no one remembers and care. So pity me. Lonely guy, alone at home do nothing, go out have coffee alone and watch WWE alone.

By the way, i just dye my hair. Yeah.

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