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Saturday, October 28, 2017

After 6 years, im back on Blogger

Recent years been roller coasters ride for me. Met my wife, proposed to her, got married, bought a house (sold one and bought another one), become a dad, become a dad for second time, completed my PhD, got my PhD. And this year, on the 4th of April 2017, my supervisor (he is more than a supervisor to me, he is my Guru, my Teacher, my Friend, he is family) passed away peacefully. I missed him so much as the days passes.

What changed you might ask. Well, a lot.

One thing for sure is this, mentally and spiritually, i've changed. I can feel it. I know i've changed. I guess it is family, i guess as well it come with age and responsibilities.

I'm less vulgar nowadays, don't drink as much as i'm used to, quit smoking (this is something i am very proud of), hang out more often at home on my couch watching TV and playing with the kids, and i'm on High Blood Pressure medication (bad, really bad).

Looking back at all my posts, wow! Young, bold, and stupid i will say it. Well, it refer to myself. Should i delete it? Nah... I just keep it there to remind myself how stupid, how arrogant i am before this.

Thanks Blogger, you sure keep my files in good condition.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Preparing for convocation

Im actually excited. My master graduation is here and im so eager and anticipate to be on that great hall again. It most probably gonna be the only time that i feel being appreciated after long years of struggling.

So this are some of the item on that day i prepare
d. Some of it i actually bought it some time ago, but i just dry clean it and wa la... it looks new again...

First my suit, shirt and pant... (forget my neck tie there. It is Blue in color...)

Second my shoe...

Last my robe and mortarboard (rented from UNIMAS for graduation)...

Your Cool.... Jeff Out~~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A prayer from a teacher to the future generation

This is a personal prayer that i want to dedicate to all the young people in this world. It is a move from me so that the people of this Land of mine call Malaysia will realize, especially the politicians.

Oh God, Heavenly Father, The Almighty Father of all the Universe,
Hear my prayer,

Bless the children oh dear Father,
For how you have blessed us, providing, caring and Love, your might upon us oh Father.

Please bless our children, our future generation,
They are your sons and daughters oh Heavenly Father,
They are in vain oh Father.

Day by day we see how the children been bullied, dump, and even psychologically jeopardize by the 'strong' one oh Father,
They are weak, innocent, and above all, they only know the Love to You and their earthly father, mother, siblings and beloved families.

Oh Father, please punish those that bullied our young one Father,
The recent years of taking advantages of the young one has gone wild oh Father,
Even dragging them into the ever dirty arena of politics arena has gone out of control.

Dear Heavenly Father, i, and the all the sane people in this land do not wish to see this to happen,
We do not want our young generation future being jeopardize and been taken advantages of,
Especially by those that are in 'power',

Our Heavenly Father, we once before also a young children, naive and struggling to learn more,
Some fall, some succeed, and we all know this is how we learn,
But being taken advantages of is not acceptable at all,
We all want to learn, and sometime our curiosity may end us up in the wrong place,
But we know, given the chance to learn, we will learn and better improve ourselves,
After all, this is what the young mind should be doing.

Oh Heavenly Father, i thank You for giving the love and protection to the fortunate one,
Please also provide to the unfortunate one,
As i will do my part,
Maybe not in term of earthly money, but at a minimum, my love and care to those that need it.

Oh Heavenly Father, we thank you again for the daily bread you given to us,
May these daily bread also benefits the young one,
May also Your Almighty Love shine upon those unfortunate one,
And i pray with my deepest heart that those being hurt will once again rise up,
Protect themselves, and be useful to you.

Oh Heavenly Father, punish those that goes against you Father,
That goes against Your will and plan,
Vanish such Evil from this land of us,
We do not need Evil, as we only need Your love, oh Heavenly Father,
May all your might be upon them and Your love shine upon us again.

I thank you today Father for your love,
I forgive those that sins against us as how Your only son, Jesus Christ sacrifice for our sins,
I kneel here with shame and humble,
Asking for your forgiveness.

As "Matthew 6:9-15" says,

"This, then, is how you should pray: " 'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. ' For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Thank you oh Heavenly Father, i pray upon Thy All Mighty,
In the name of the Father, and of the son, and the Holy Ghost,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mid Term Break

Alrght alright alright alright... It is H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.~~~~ Er... Not it is Mid Term Break and the Pig Just Flew.

I cant recall well now, has it been 4 years now since the last time i enjoy the so called mid term break, where all the students try to go wild and lecturers try to breath after a long 6 dreadful weeks of mumbling and living in an 'wild' university life of trying to figure out where is the toilet. Alright, i am not making sense.

Yeah, it is 'holiday' but im still in office marking and a lot more paperwork to be done. At least i get to sit in office and get myself fat from the constant fb and snacks that invaded my drawers (all six of them).

But, i'm glad to have a mid term break, at least for the minimal, i get to breath right and get on track again. Plus so many paper that i yet finish reading and writing so now would be a good and ample time to do it, right?

But my brain now is fill with things like 'beer', 'convo', 'beer', 'fren wedding', 'beer', etc etc... Argh~~~

I'm out, i mean, Jeff out...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a Fruitful Weekend, dated 16/10/2011

It is, again, another fruitful weekend. I am so fruitful, im basically do nothing. Except for yesterday where i get to clean my room, collected two box of old documents and stuff from my 'masters' years and sell it off for RM1.20. Indeed, it is fruitful.

But on the contrary, i am more fruitful today. Cos i stuff myself with a bowl of laksa, two eggs, one popiah and two toasts for ma breakfast. And get to drink kopi c peng, that is not a good idea, i mean the kopi c peng. I should stick to my old regularly black coffee in the morning. And that was around 11.00am and i am still damn full till now.

To conclude this meaningless post, i want to say this.
I'M BORED!!!!!!!!

But again, after do some googling on some bored term, i tumbled upon this quote. He he... I think it suits me well for today.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Fat. An interesting word that again and again terrorize many people around the world, young or old. You can see that around you. Yourself, your friends, even family members. But again, who like to be call fat right? Unless you look like this, please stop calling yourself or other fat.

A quick research on the web on this word shows few interesting terms. For an example, 'fat - it is merely materials accumulated in your body from consuming extra calories'. Or this 'fat - along with proteins and carbohydrates, one of the three nutrients source of energy in food. Something that your body need'.

Excessive fat at the other hand can mean a lot. The instance definition that come to my mind is energy that been accumulated too much in your body that you need to use it effectively. It is like money, you need money, the value people put in pieces of paper. Too less, you suffer, too much you need to spend it. So that in term of understanding, is fat to me. Ok, i am not making sense here.

Anyway, back to fat, was talking to a friend, girl obviously, that she is terrorize with this word. I reckon that she went through a lot to be in the state of who she is today. I saw her now as sexy, even though i don't think she agree with me on this. But here again, imagine how much damage that this word can do to a girl. I personally don't care people calling me fatso or stuff, cos i personally think that im ok. I'm 173cm, 80kg and im earning more than most of my friends does. What she need now is not people say she is thin or what. She personally need someone that care, accept her thought and support her.

I would say this to her, 'You think you are fat, yeah, i agree with you cos that is what you think. But let me tell you from another perspective. You are my inspiration. You see, you told me you are fat previously and still think that you are now. And if last time you are 70kg, and now you are 45kg, my God, you are a living inspiration not only to me but people around you. And personally i think that is sexy. Cos i see now you walk in full confidence and pride. It is ok to think that sometime you are fat, but also think from another angle, how much have you accomplished. Then, you will realize that you are not bad. But i'm not saying you are perfect, cos you are not.'

Yeah, that basically what i gonna say to this friend of mine. And personally, i dont think we should be anyway terrorized by this word. Again, it is just another thing that our body need and maybe sometime it is too much. So if it is too much, get rid of it then. Simple right?

Jeff Out...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Graduation 2011

12 days from now, i will be again conferred in UNIMAS. And this time it is for my Master. If you are reading my blog, that i self-proclaimed to be a good one, i finished my Master officially 1 and a half year ago. Plus minus.

This time, it gonna happen here at DeTAR Putra Unimas, our very own new multi-function hall. Am i excited? Yes i am!

This hall, as i been told, can accommodate up to 4000 people at one time, or more, depending on the arrangement done. It was officiated few months back and if you read the local news, it was in Borneo Post.

Enough of the hall thingy. Alright, with the convocation coming soon, i will officially become another graduate ofUNIMAS. Whereas this time, it is a personal pride to me and another of my friend from Pakistan. If there is no changes, he will be the first being conferred in this new hall and me being the second, marking yet another history in the making of UNIMAS.

And i think the proudest people would be my Supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Ernest Cyril de Run. His very first single hand supervised PhD student (Mohsin from Pakistan) and yours truly me (Masters by Research) will be graduating. No doubt that he is capable. I recall that i am a person that know nothing, and now, me and Mohsin are proudly stating that we are in someway, the expert in our particular field.

As for me, i am another researcher doing on Sales Promotion in Malaysia and till date manage to come out with few prominent papers and chapter in books on Sales Promotion from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand perspective. And of cause, there is still more to come.

The most recent one is another chapter in a book that is schedule to be available somewhere next year. It was written by me and Ernest (as this how is how i call my supervisor nowadays) two years ago and it is a part of my Master Thesis as well. To be honest, i am quite proud of this accomplishment. And saying that, i need to publish more, not to prove to people, but to make myself more competent in what i am doing now.

I really need to thank my supervisor, Ernest, on this. Too much that i need to say or want to say. But, a simple 'Thank you Prof Ernest' will do for now, i hope.

Alright, you're cool. Jeff out.
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