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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Letter To Santa

Ho Ho Ho....

Dear Santa,
Hi there mate. Em... Never in my life i wrote any letter to you. Sometimes, i even doubt that you exist, except in the movies. Well, this will be my first time writting to you. I've been a naughty boy this year. Done that, been there... Well, i'm still feeling like doing more bad stuff coming next year. But but but, i will be good if you give me a present this year as i saw in the TV, when you gave presents to children. Well, i'm not a kid anymore but deep in my heart i'm still a 5 years old boy. Ha ha... or 50??? I don't know...

Well, what i want this year is "A Job".... Let me emphasize again.... "A Job". Not any job, but it is the job that suite me and is in my feild of interest. So again Santa. i want "A Job".... That have at least RM3 K and above. He he.... So will Santa give me? If u give me, i promise you and Christ that i will be good. Even no, i will also be good this year... Just another year end Resolution for coming 2009.

To those outside there, Merry belated Christmas and a happy 2009 new year.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Second Trip - Miri

Well, actually i arrive at Miri three days ago but just manage to get online at my cousin house NOW.

So here is this. Been a great trip so far. Was driving myself down here last thursday using the new Coastal Highway road. I should say this, i'm actually quite impress with the road condition. Been staying in Sarawak for the last 24 years, yet this time that highway is quite good. Maybe part of it is new, so that's why. but i think that in the coming few years with the palm plantation going so rapidly with big trucks passing that road everyday, it soon gonna be like Serian - Sri Aman road. But at least i can enjoy the nice ride from Bintulu to Miri now right. Ha ha....

Still unable to post any pictures here now cos my cable left in Kuching. Sorry for that for the moment.

Anyway, after three darn days of exploring Miri city, i have manage to get to know most of the road. At least i can drive myself to some main places like home's, shopping malls, around the city inner part, beaches, and some main attraction places in Miri. Ha ha... from Luak to Pujut to Kuala baram. So how is it? Good? Ha ha.....

Ya ya... The one place that i love most in this city is the beaches. It's incredible. Well, not as good as Sabah one but it is nice. Have took like tons of the beaches photo. Most are sunsets. really nice. Will post it here as soon as i went back to Kuching later this month or next month.

The city is huge but not as huge as Kuching lar... Still Kuching the best though. Just that here we can see many Tycoon's BIG houses especially their Villa at High Hills facing the sea. And that is a lot here. Like SY Bosses, Samling Bosses and some other big shots in Sarawak Oil and Gas Industries, Plantation, Woods, Trading and etc... Too many here. All big big houses with at least three floors and large parking space that can accomodate at least twenty cars. So try to imagine that. And how many are there in Kuching? I don't think it is as many as in Miri. Damn....

Anyway tomorrow morning at seven will leave to KK. Will past Brunei so will try my best to take some real nice photos in Brunei especially Sultan Brunei Palace. And some nice scenery in Limbang and Lawas. Then i finish my second time travel from one end of Sarawak to another end of Sarawak. Ha ha...

So far so good. please do pray for my save journey come and fro from Kuching. So see you guys in KK then. Chao...

Your Cool~~~
I'm Definitely Cool~~~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

KFC - NOT - Kentucky Fried Chicken

This is a story long time ago. Just noticed it just now when having dinner with my Uncle and his family.

Ok, if everyone so loving going to KFC and eat the 'Chicken' there, well guess what... You are eating genetically modified chicken that barely have feathers or even some don't have any at all. Well, this is KFC strategy to boost up sales by cutting cost using genetically modified chicken that can be harvest in a shorter period considering buying and waiting for 'real chicken' that might cost more in long term.

So everyone like the crispy skin and the tender chicken meat well prepared as promise by our beloved Kolonel Sandlers. Well, guess what, you're eating genetically modified chicken, not the chicken that you and i personally know. Ew.... And they stop using Kentucky Fried Chicken name, instead use only KFC, cos they no more use chicken like the original recipe is all about. And why KFC is still called their chicken as chicken instead of genetically modified chicken.

Was wondering when KFC gonna genetically modified their chicken into two breast and four drumstick and wing. Ew... Or it already been done then. More ew.....then. Ew....

Your Cool~~~
I'm Not Cool~~~ Wanna vodmit now....

Monday, December 8, 2008

First trip - Bintulu

Well, am now in Bintulu but unable to upload all the photo that i have took for the first day. Been an exciting trip and now have almost master all the main road in Bintulu. When back in Kuching then i will upload the photos for public viewing.

Supposely have few meetings with some friends here. And thought that it could be rather long as what my friend told me. But seems like it is a short one where consensus were met fast and effective. Anyway, a rather nice chat with some old buddies from undergraduates years in UNIMAS.

Tomorrow will stay at my dear Uncle house somewhere nearby this parkcity as well. Well, would enjoy some precious time that i can spend with my cousin and relatives here. Been more than ten years i didn't actually have a holiday here at Bintulu. My last trip here was on 2004 where i just pass by Bintulu. But this time i drive so can plan and stay longer than before.

Here just some update on my trip venturing Borneo. Wish me luck and save journey.

Your Cool~~~

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Dear readers,

I'll be off for a month and only be back blogging on January next year. So for the time being, please be patience first as i have so many stuff, event, sight, perspective, etc to be blog here on when i'm back in office (Kuching).

Chao for the time being. For the time being you all can browse through some of the links i put here in my blog link list like and others as well. So enjoy and happy Holiday to all.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. And not forgetting those celebrating birthday, Happy Early and Belated Birthday. God abundance blessings on you all.

Your Cool~~~
I'm Cool~~~
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