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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blah Blah Blah 2011...

April is here and it should be spring in some of the four seasons country. For me, it is just Seasons Green Tea and Soya Bean with less sugar, accompanying me in this blog. In this blog requires a lot of my saliva as i will bla bla bla...

So, what so great, ereccccttttiiiiioooonnnn just over with more Rocket ejaculated... from 8 now 12. I think so, correct me if im wrong. And for the "Sake of God", no more political stories. (Goes to myself as well". It seriously have to stop.

Was reading a blog post by (, i have my enlightenment. Indeed it is true, people in the rural dont care. What they care is the food on their table at the end of the day. Seriously, they are disconnected from the world. I think RFS (radio free sarawak) is a good alternative for them as they broadcasr in SW radio frequency for the rural people of Sarawak, by Sarawakian in London. But they are seriously disconnected, and guess what, the website is block by some cyber troopers.

I think the should be a movie out soon
Title: Sarawak Cyber Troopers.
Sypnosis: How to block RFS (Radio Free Sarawak), SR (Sarawak Report) and Malaysiakini.
Actors: Asshole(s) in Malaysia (perhaps outside Malaysia)

And bla bla bla... (well, bla saja lar as it is Sunday and i'm lazy marking my students exam. It is tougher than politics in Malaysia you know).

Just get a crib for myself. A big one at Muara Tuang. So i gonna stay in Sarawak for LONG TIME!!! WTF!!!! But i lioke......

Well it is still just land... Now its like making baby... Will be fully develop in 2013 (if im still alive).

And bla bla bla... Seriously i gonna stop...
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