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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sensitivity... eeewwwww.....

OK, i've been asking myself. "Am i too sensitive?" Seriously, am i? The recent events in office have shown the other side of me. The ke po side. and of cause the sensitive side. I care so much on what people think of me rather than what i am doing and what i can do.

Aren't that the correct way, do what you need to do and care lesser on other opinion on you? But, haiya... i care so much... Like a sissy.

As i can recall, not only it happen recently, but all this while. From high school till date. I think it has become a habit. A bad one.

At times i always think and tell myself, what i want to show to others? Am i who i am, aren't it suppose to be that way? And now im a lecturer and in society, a lot of times people is looking at me as noble (but i rejected the whole idea i am noble). So what i want to prove? Or why i am so sensitive? What the point being sensitive?

I can advise people not to be sensitive and hope to cope up, but when it come to myself, i can advise myself. At times i have no self confidence at all.

But again, this is life and i need to get used to it. Get used to people talk at my back. At the end of the day, it is not something that i can control, aren't it?

You're cool....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mummy operation

Last week was a very busy week and worrying week indeed for my family. Mummy have this Thyroids on her neck for some time already, and after years or struggling (mum) to go or not to go, she finally decided. But still the process is long witted. Check and check and check then refer to this doctors, then check an check and check again. The process goes on for a year. Oh well, what do you expect from public institutions.

Then finally, doctors say yes and can operate. So i took a long week for me to travel back, ad-mist Gawai, so drink and drink for days before finally send mummy to hospital last week Tuesday and her operation on Wednesday.

I swear to God, if i need to, i don't want to go hospital. I hate the feeling waiting for mum to come out from the operation room. Longgggg 6 hours, where i full with worries and worries and worries... So worried what would happen to mummy, my only beloved mummy...

But thank God, a very successful operation and after three day, she being discharge from the ward and now she is recovering at home. Fuh~~~ What a relieve.... Now im back in office. And f*cking dammit need to face this b*tch. I don't know what with this lady, keep on finding people problem and report to the booses. Cilaka you lah~~~ !!! Nah!!!

I think she got an issue, Mental issue.

By the way, i resigned from my current company last few days and joined Swinburne. Officially, i will jump over there coming Mid August. Wooohhhhooooo.....

Ok, Jeff out. You're cool...
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