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Friday, September 26, 2008

Hari Raya

Yeah, finally back. Well is raya at the corner and there is no one practically at campus, i think. So decided to go back early. Guess what, i now back home, at cc blogging. Ha ha...

Happy holiday and 'Selamat Hari Raya' to all.

P/S: Will only start blog after i went back next week. So Chao....

Your Cool~~~
I'm Cool~~~

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My folks just adopted three cute mix puppy. They are really small and cute though.

This is Wan Ling. She actually...

This one is Lepy. He actually

And this is Upy. He also.

Ain't they cute?

Your Cool~~~


A nice view during MSC Conference at Kuching at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Your Cool~~~

Merdeka Palace

I don't know this. But really notice that some people are really excited when they went to a five start hotel. Well, there is nothing special actually. Just that it is a hotel and it's five star only. Come on, i know some hotels that are better and the price is not as crazy as these five star one.

Last Sunday, under pressure, for some sort of seminar, i went to Merdeka Palace and guess what, it is just like that. Normal and nothing in particular. Nothing great actually.

It is just that normal.
Yeah... So for some, is it that interesting that you are able to stay or even went there? Well for me, there is no such anxiety for it. And the parking cost like hell where there is no parking outside. Even if there is, you need to walk so damn far. I have tried few time Merdeka Palace Hotel food. Nothing special. It is just expensive. Road side food taste better though. Not only agreed by me but most of the "Ang Mo" that i knew that came to Kuching.
Ya, I'm Cool~~~

Dragon Fruit

This is the dragon fruit planted by my dad. We have around six of it. Each cactus can bear around 10 to 12 dragon fruits each time. And the good part is it produce fruits whole year round and it is really SWEET..... Can find this sweet one in the market. Serious.....

Nice one...

Sport. Ya, i'm exercising. Great.

Ya. I'm really exercising this time. I recall back the last time i really exercise is a year ago, everyday play basketball with dudes from my badge and some seniors in UNIMAS old campus court. Then everyone left so no more mates to play with, so end up fat and big belly (part of it is beer actually).

Decided to start back exercise so bought a racket. Just a normal one for a start. When more pro, would like to get a lighter one with big bag. Yeah, right....

And it is really good. Every Monday and Wednesday from 7.00 p.m. till 9.00 p.m. or 10.00 p.m. It help me to sweat like this. See my face below. Now this is exercise. Good...

Yeah... Cool....

I'm Cool~~~

Monday, September 22, 2008

English Premier League

Ha ha... I think for those that love so much of football especially EPL, you will certainly know of the match last night between Manchester United and Chelsea. 1-1.
It is the battle of giants. Both currenlty with Arsenal are topping the ranking like usual and die hard MU fan will be watching for sure.
Will try my best not to miss any MU matches and this time really need to get MU jersey collection, white, black and of cos the 'red devil' paten, red jersey with AIG sign. Well gonna cost me a fortune if i bought all. Well, if i can find a nice one, why not. Ha ha... If Kenny Sia a big fan of Chelsea, i am a big fan of MU. 'Rock it baby........'

I'm Cool~~~~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday day day day........

Today wake up early in the morning. Actually not early la. As last night was damn hang over from drinking. Ha ha... Tonight and the next few day, more to come and i mean Vodka and maybe some Cognac. Ha ha..... Plus some "non-halal" product. Damn, "enjoy yourself!!!" - Ricky James.

Heard complains and comments. People stress up. Well i always thought only me always stress. Well, know that this world not me the only one human. Da.......**** . Be a consultant, be a listener and well, it remind myself to "do your work jeff!!!!" Ha ha... Good. I even read some blog where people complain to be damn stress. Ha ha....

p/s: To all, don't give up. Porf Ernest always told me so, so i give that advice to you."Don't give up!"

Well, tonight be drunk, but if anyone ask my advice, i'll be available for them/her/him... Cos i always can delay a bit late for the drinking till 6.00 a.m. session though. Ha ha..

Just met a new cool dude from US, Nathan, Will buddy from college. Well, now he is not from US anymore, he is now from Taiwan. An 'Ang Mo' that speak Mandarin. Wo.... Taiwanese Mandarin some more. Wo........

Your Cool~~~

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here it come again. No mood.

Damn, really fade up with my 'such' attitude. Not progressive at all. Or maybe just me, working too hard and non-stop. But still with many things pending on my desk. But at least settle half of the loads. Only God know when i can settle my stuff. Well, seeing so, would take my leave soon and went back for Raya. "Balik kampung, wo wo wo, balik kampung. Wo wo wo, balik kampung... Hati riang....."

FAQ: Jeff, why you so hard working?
ANS: Well, i'm inspired by Prof Ernest (now you can imagine leave flew by you face and one big drop of sweat falling down from your forhead) ability to finish his master in a year. (Wink... Actually just wanna show how good am i, but doesn't work la. Ha ha...). It become my habit already come office almost every night like Dr. Evan (Ya la, angkat la...). Bored at home and night time i can do better (Like i do my stuff like that, ha ha...).

FAQ: Jeff, why you look so down and stress.
ANS: My mom give birth to me like this, what can i do about it? Ha ha... No la, joking only. Well if you wanna see happy face from me, can... Give me all your money and buy me ten bottles of different whisky and cognac so i can stock it for long long time and enjoy it me-self. I would also like a bottle of Vodka. (Garcon, un bottle se Absolute Vodka, SVP.)

FAQ: Jeff, do you have entertainment?
ANS: Yes, i have... I am a human being so i am quite sure i am entertain knowing that fact. My hobby, i like to see girls profile and pics in friendster, drink with Evan, Will, Yuen, Lau, Aden and other members. And occasionally would love to think that i in a 'massage centre' and being massage from top to bottom and some **** part of my beloved body. And above all, i love counting my coins at home that never seems to increase in volume.

FAQ: Jeff, what is you plan?
ANS: Finish my MSC fast fast and continue my PHD fast fast. Ha ha.... And earn money little little. But for now, i wanna go back and watch NTV7 news and read Malaysia kini on how our beloved politicians rumble with each other. Found it more interesting than my regular Tuesday night 10.00p.m. ASSP channel WWE Raw.

Now see how bored am i that i talk to myself. Well, continue with my regular work, write papers. Ha ha....

Your Cool~~~

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Not finish with the by-election things and the uprising of DSAI, there still more upborn conflicts among the leaders and coalition parties. Things just get worse and citizens start to be numb of it. But still, hot topics like 16 Sept still on the briege of rising fire. Almost everywhere i go, i can overheard conversation on that topic. Some people tend to ignore it, but the reality of it is there. It happen. Then, with no end, come another statement that rise the spirit of the chinese community (west and east Malaysia) to speak out and voice their dissatisfactions. The only thing is can say is "Ahmad, Ahmad, Ahmad..... (sigh) No need to slap each other face already!"

Was checking my email this morning and got this mail from a friend that invite me to read a blog. Below is the content of the post in that blog.

"Monday, September 08, 2008

Antara pendatang dan penumpang
Pada mulanya saya agak keberatan nak ulas kekecohan yang berpunca ekoran daripada kenyataan ketua UMNO bahagian Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang bernama Ahmad bin Ismail. Sama ada benar atau tidak apa yang didakwa dikatakan olehnya mengenai rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina bukan persoalannya kerana isu tersebut sudahpun merebak dan mengapi-apikan keadaan.

Jika tidak ditangani dengan cermat, teliti dan bijak, isu itu boleh ditangguk dalam air yang keruh oleh anasir-anasir yang ingin melihat negara ini hancur serta mengundang campur tangan kuasa asing. Dalam zaman dunia tanpa sempadan dan liputan meluas dan segera oleh media elektronik antarabangsa, apa yang berlaku di sesebuah negara itu tidak dapat disembunyi atau dinafikan.

Isu pokok yang dibangkitkan oleh Ahmad Ismail membabitkan persoalan "menumpang" iaitu rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina adalah penumpang di negara ini. Beliau menjelaskan bahawa ia merujuk kepada zaman pra-Merdeka. Bagaimanapun, sensitiviti rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina telah terguris.

Saya tidak mengenali secara peribadi Ahmad Ismail, tetapi kenal agak rapat dengan Allahyarham abangnya, Abdul Rahim Ismail, pemilik Syarikat Pembinaan Rahim yang pada satu ketika dahulu agak terkenal sebagai sebuah firma pembinaan Bumiputera yang unggul di Pulau Pinang. Saya tidak tahu apa dah jadi dengan syarikat itu selepas Abdul Rahim meninggal dunia.

Secara peribadi, saya tidak setuju dengan apa yang didakwa dikata oleh Ahmad Ismail atas beberapa sebab.

Bagi saya, hampir 90 peratus rakyat Malaysia, khususnya di Semenanjung, adalah pendatang dan kita semua sebenarnya menumpang hidup di bumi Allah. Kita bukan pemilik kekal tetapi hanya menumpang.

Sebagai contoh, saya sendiri adalah keturunan pendatang yang menumpang hidup di bumi bertuah ini. Datuk nenek di sebelah bapa saya berhijrah dari Makkah dan dari Brunei ke sini manakala di sebelah ibu pula dari Hadhramut, Yaman. Kami adalah pendatang dan penumpang sama seperti hampir semua penduduk negara ini khususnya di Pulau Pinang.

Bagi Ahmad Ismail, dia juga datang dari keluarga pendatang dan menumpang hidup di negara ini. Ahmad Ismail tidak boleh menafikan hakikat bahawa datuk neneknya adalah pendatang dari India untuk menerokai penghidupan yang lebih baik dan selesa di bumi bertuah ini.

Perdana Menteri Abdullah bin Ahmad juga tergolong dalam kategori yang sama. Datuknya di sebelah ibu adalah pendatang dari wilayah Guandong, China. Pendek kata, datuk Pak Lah iaitu bapa Allahyarhamah Kailan bernama Hassan Salleh atau Hah Su Chiang adalah seorang pendatang. Beliau berhijrah ke Tanah Melayu dari wilayah Guandong (Kwantung) pada pertengahan abad ke-19 dan menetap di Bayan Lepas sebagai pekebun getah, pesawah padi dan kemudian saudagar intan berlian.

Najib Tun Razak, Timbalan PM juga berasal daripada keluarga pendatang iaitu dari Sulawesi, Indonesia atau lebih senang disebut orang Bugis manakala sepupunya Hishamudin Hussein tidak terlepas daripada darah keturunan Turki.

Datuk nenek mantan PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad juga pendatang dari Kerala, India manakala ibu Almarhum Tunku Abul Rahman berasal dari negeri Siam (Thailand).

Kesultanan Melayu Melaka pun dibuka oleh orang pendatang dari Sumatra bernama Parameswara, seorang anak raja atau bangsawan beragama Hindu.

Dalam sejarah kesultanan Melayu, kita dapati ada yang ditubuh oleh pendatang dari Bugis dan ada pula dari Hadhramut selain dari Minangkabau.

Hampir semua orang Melayu di sini berasal dari luar Tanah Melayu tetapi diiktiraf sebagai "bangsa Melayu" oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Kita adalah "Melayu mengikut takrifan Perlembagaan" iaitu beragama Islam, mengamalkan adat resam Melayu dan bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu. Malangnya, bahasa Melayu nampaknya dimatikan oleh orang Melayu (UMNO) sendiri apabila dinamakan sebagai bahasa Malaysia.

Oleh itu, orang Arab seperti Syed Hamid Albar dan saya, orang Aceh seperti Sanusi Junid, orang India seperti Kader Sheikh Fadzir dan Nor Mohamed Yakcop, orang Bugis seperti Najib, orang Minang seperti Rais Yatim, orang Jawa seperti Mohamad Rahmat dan yang lain seperti dari Madura, Pulau Boyan, Siam, Burma, Yunnan (China) dan selatan Filipina dengan mudah boleh diiktirf sebagai "Melayu".

Mereka diterima sebagai orang Melayu tidak kira sama ada mereka bertutur bahasa Melayu atau tidak di rumah umpamanya si Arab berbahasa Arab, si Jawa berbahasa Jawa dan si Minang berbahasa Minang atupun si Mamak berbahasa Tamil.

Bahasa-bahasa yang disebut itu bukan bahasa Melayu dan jika dilihat dari sudut Perlembagaan Persekutuan, tidak boleh diterima atau diiktiraf sebagai bangsa Melayu. Walau bagaimanapun, atas kepentingan dan faktor politik, semuanya diterima sebagai Melayu dan Bumiputera.

Oleh itu, adalah tidak adil untuk menuding jari kepada orang Cina yang juga kaum pendatang sama seperti orang Arab, India, Aceh, Minang, Batak, Mandailing, Jawa, Madura mahupun Bugis, sebagai menumpang di negeri ini. Kita tidak boleh menafikan bahawa sebilangan besar datuk nenek orang Cina telah berhijrah ke negeri ini semasa Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, bahkan kesultanan-kesultanan terdahulu di Kedah mahupun Terengganu dan Kelantan serta semasa Francis Light berjaya menipu Sultan Kedah untuk menduduki Pulau Pinang pada 1786.

Kita adalah kaum pendatang yang menumpang hidup di negeri ini. Golongan yang boleh diiktiraf sebagai orang asal atau anak bumi tulen adalah mereka yang kita kenali sebagai Negrito, Jakun, Semang, Jahut, Orang Laut, Orang Darat, Senoi dan suku kaum masyarakat Asli lain yang masih menjadi penghuni belantara.

Kita tidak harus lupa akan sumbangan dan pengorbanan semua kaum dan suku kaum untuk membangunkan Malaysia sama ada dari sudut ekonomi, kemasyarakatan, keselamatan dan yang paling penting kesepakatan dan perpaduan. Semua orang yang kena dan seharusnya membayar cukai, berbuat demikian tanpa mengira kaum atau asal keturunan, sama ada pendatang atau penumpang.

Kita semua adalah rakyat Malaysia. "


Not to complaint but all these must stop! We don't need conflicts or endless arguements. I agree with our PM statements that focus should on our country developments and economics. We should look fairly on the political, economic, social cultural and technology point of view and do something on that. Not focus too much on the political point of view. Such condition will damage our country and benefits the outside country only.

What happen already happen. As a human, if we think that what need to be done that might not be beneficiary to us, but if for the mass is a good thing, then do it. Then everything will be good and everyone will live happily ever after. No conflicts and misunderstandings. Not putting our pride on our head, but putting our knowledge on top of our head would be better. Humble but with intergrity.

Your Cool~~~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sales promotion

Sales promotion, sales promotion, sales promotion, sales promotion........ Almost got 'la la la...' with that phase. But still, i like it. Anyway, here some stupid yet dumb story. We know what is sales promotion. If there is no sales promotion, how can retailers sells and how can the market grow and how can the consumers profit from that.

In this case, i really agree that when there is no sales promotion, there is no market and when there is no market, there no significant of consumers existing. Unless you in a monopoly type of market then no need sales promotion. The fact in Malaysia, we need sales promotion especially when we have a multicultural and multiethnic community.

In the mist of needing this sales promotion, there is or are a group of people that against it. I don't know, they are stupid or just playing clever and try to influence people around based on what they perceived as true and good. Like my suprvisor always say, "Who the beep.. are you!"

Saw this sign when i went back to my hometown for my occasional rest and vacation. 'No Sales Promotion'???!!! What the heck? Who are you. Or should i say, who the f#ck are you? I'm offended. As a marketer and academician, i'm offended.

Well who am i to judge? Like Forrest Gump say, "Stupid does what stupid was." Ha ha...

Your Cool~~~

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have no mood and no life now.... Wanna die......


Death and Pizza

When a person will fear death? When death will come? How to get rid of the fear from inner? Does God exist? Is death his will and our faith?
For me, all those are real, truthfull. I fear death and no lie, i fear God. Whenever i saw stuff that is hurt and irritating (e.g. accident), i will certainly have the fear of death. I know that i will die one of this days and only God know when, so i must overcome the feeling of fear of death. Embrace it like a new born baby as one is re-born after his/her death in the Almighty kingdom and a new and perfect being.

Was driving to 10th mile yesterday and saw this accident. The car engine is on fire and i have the feeling that it gonna explode soon, that time. But thank God, it didn't.

At that time the feeling of fear came and i know i must overcome it. For today i'm not afraid of death, as i know there is a purpose for my death. The only regret would be not having my Hawaiian Chicken Pizza at Pizza Hut TM.
May God bless the pizza for human kind. 'Man, i want pizza now. Sh#t!!! D#mn hungry!!!'
I'm Cool~~~~
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