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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boring Sunday. Happy 51st Independence Day!

Well, i skip Saturday as yesterday i'm alone at home rest like a "Khinzir". Ha ha... And today is a Damn boring day. Hey, almost forgot, 'Selamat Hari Merdeka' to all. But, who cares. I don't bother at all. Maybe when i'm older, i will be so in love with 31 August. Maybe cos the current unpredictable politics that make us wonder, why bother. And from that, everything is 'why bother?' for me. If you bother petrol, what else can the current government do with only decrease 15 cent. Come on, i only save RM5 per time i go for petrol and in a month only save RM20. How much can i save. But, that is the fact of life. Get used to it. Life ain't fair, my love...

You see, i'm bored and now in office writting this stupid entry. Anyway, i kinda like it though. Ha ha... Later go out la. Just go here or there or find friends la. Ha ha....

Anyway, it's a boring Sunday to me and the programme in TV is the same years over years. But still, i wanna wish all Malaysian 'Selamat Hari Merdeka'. Let us all fight for our independence.

I'm definitely not cool today~~~ But you're cool~~~

Friday, August 29, 2008

Blank Friday

Ok, yesterday stress. Today blank. As for the thing i dislike the most is when my brain is fresh but my mind is blank. I wanna start my thesis and journal writting but my brain is blank. Dunno where to start.

Motivation should come by myself so this weekend i will try to gain back the mood that i lost somewhere! God Help Me!!! No more you tube and malaysiakini for me. Or else i will fall to the pit of failures.

I'm totally not cool today~~~

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stress Thursday

As expected, today i'll be in stressed condition. First with my chapters been marked and rejected. Second, a journal me and my supervisor submit few month ago been rejected. For my chapters, at least my supervisor didn't say 'useless' or 'rubbish' la. But if he say so, i also accept it with open heart. Cos i'm big heart one ma. Second stuff, need to redo also.

So, kinda frustrated but i know this is what an academic life is supposely be so, so i accept it as a challenge. I'm big hearted ma. Ha ha.

Well, follow what my supervisor says, "you can stress for an hour or two but forget it all after that". I gonna do that and guess what, now i really feel relieved. So tomorrow start, i can start all over again.

I'm cool~~~

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi, I'm back...............................

Anyone miss me? Ha ha. Well latest news, DSAI won the small by-election by majority and break his wife record at the same place with 2000 votes more than his wife one. Nice... Go and see the news la.

I'm cool~~~

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm very very very very very very very very very stress...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

And i'm very very very very very very very very bored...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Friday, August 15, 2008

News cutting

Browse through just now. Read through this news entry. Below is the cutting of part of it. Very interesting.

Bajet: K'jaan janji 'buah tangan'
Aug 14, 08 11:25am
Kerajaan menjanjikan 'buah tangan' untuk rakyat dalam pembentangan Bajet 2009 pada 29 Ogos ini."Ada buah tangan untuk rakyat. Kita faham rakyat tertekan dengan keadaan sekarang. Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) dengar masalah rakyat," katanya Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Well, normal interpretation of 'buah tangan' is gifts or souveniors right. In foochow community when one say 'buah tangan' it means... Ha ha... Think of it yourself. I don't want to be caught or get into ISA because give interpretation. But i guess, others, many, will get 'benefits' from it. Onshore or offshore. Ha ha...

Your cool~~~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Live blogging day 3

Hi readers. Welcome back. This is the last day of UNIMAS convocation and below were some of the footage of FSS, FIT and Medic convocation ceremony. Well, might not have much to say, but as promise, live blogging by J-Man is here. Ha ha...

Happy faces and proud faces. And an old guy waiting for his son or daughter or grandchildren. p/s: 'Ding Ding Ding...' Anyone lost a grandpa/ father? Please come to receptionist desk to claim him. Thank you. 'Ding Ding Ding...'

Look like the one celebrating is happier than the graduand. Ain't it? ha ha....

This girl is lost i think.

Don't fight la.
p/s: Hey moms, your kid graduated ady la, so please don't be harsh on them. Ok? Ha ha...

Look here, look here.

Ok, here a distinction between Indian girl and Indian boy being celebrated. The girls will pray to their God and thanks their God for the success they have now and then.

The boys atthe other hand know how to celebrate people and things like throwing their mates and make some interesting stuff like clowns and water baloons. 'my badge celebration, they have two clowns. Now no clown. I think no demand gua... Ha ha...'.

p/s: Ha ha... No offend guys/girls. Just some stupid idea when writting this blog entry.

And also able to catch the epic battle between first years and the FEB staffs. Guess what, staff loose again. Ha ha... 'Told you guys before, admit your are old la. Ha ha...".

Anyway, it's a cool and nice convocation this year. Congratulation again to all graduates/ graduand. Have a successfull years ahead and don't forget us here at UNIMAS. We always welcome you guys back here for further studies and stuff or might able to collaborate in the future. Cheers...

Your cool~~~
I'm cool~~~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live blogging day 2 second part

Ok, the main concertration here is Faculty of Economics and Business undergraduate student that now officially now a graduate student. Congatulations and not forget deepest congratulations to all my buddy from my badge that successfully graduated this year. "Your not looser, but you all are the best. Remember that".

I'm proud of my friends and my juniors but for sure not for Tan Wei Ling. "I Don't like you! You back stabbed me and future never you gonna have my accountability and recognization. Sorry Prof for being harsh if you reading this entry". Anyway, below is the picture when they just came out from the hall.

Anxious parent and friends wait outside though is hot and sweaty. "We don't care, we want to congrats the graduate".

After that went to faculty gathering and tea break for the 'newly graduated' students and their family and friends. Before that, they have speech and some performance from the 1st year students. Kinda funny though. Ha ha...

Our Dean, Prof. Dr. Shazali giving inspiring speech and congratulations to the 'newly graduates'. "Please don't forget his advice and opinion, ok?".

And above here are some of the line up of the newly graduates. Ha ha... Congratulations again.

The most successfull student from Marketing my badge, Asri ak Lai. He is now a CEO at one of the top company at Miri that mainly do on recruiting and interviewing new employee for SHELL and some other main players in the market. WOW... "I need a job, can get me one?". Ha ha...

This one from Sarikei. You make Sarikei proud and SMK St. Anthony also (My Junior there and now).

This one from SMK Meradong (My junior there and now).

Another good and successful friend. David from FK.

Pretty face from Kuching, Grace. Currently working as a lecturer at ICATS kuching.

Soldier from West Malaysia. My first year room mate, Yin.

He've been interviewed by Borneo Post reporter and hopefully tomorrow will see the entry in Borneo Post.

Not to forget the popular boy of the day, Lau Wee Ming, that apparently show 'peace' on the stage when get his scroll from Pehin (know it from some lecturer). Cool in the Cigar. You are grown up now.

And lastly he feel hungry and decided to sit at the staircase where people and taking photo and he eat there. Can't blame he. He's tired and hungry. Let the baby eat first then we party. Ha ha...
Above all, it is cool and nice. Grand and fully celebrated. Congratulation to all again. Sorry that only can be enter. Too many pictures. But future will be updated. No worries. Cheers...

Your cool~~~

Live blogging day 2 first half

Should i call it live blogging? Call it whatever i want la. Anyway, yeah... Today is Convocation second day and it is my faculty session. Like usual, i'm not invited to be in the hall so can only access it outside but with live coverage, full some more. Today is CM turn. Like usual, he look smart and professional and he is UNIMAS Pro-Chancellor.

Just try to look at behind, do you see Dr. Ernest. Concertrating on the speech and i manage to saw him taking photos some more. Ha ha... Anyway, "Prof, you look serious la".

This are some of the lecturers line up. Can't see it so clearly but from the left is Prof. Abu, Prof. Ahmad, Mr. Puah and Dr. Evan. All look so serious. "Loose up a bit guys"

And the highlight of this post is this. The guy in the picture is Lau Wee Ming. And he did something and i'm not so sure what he has done but for sure people are clapping pretty much when he went up, take his degree and went down the stage. Then after five minute, he sms me and say that Pehin told him he is glamour. Hope it is true cos if it is, then he is really something that big shots kinda giving a little attention to him. And as i know, other lost cos they just shake hand and leave. There even some girls that tend to make funny of themselves by standing long enough at the stage and wait for their picture taken but Pehin just like usual, wait for anotherr person and those girls are neglected. Ha ha...

And the one that really make us marketers disgrace is when Tan Wei Ling from Sibu went up. God, what she was doing? She look so.... not hot or pretty but. "Please, don't put yourself in the spotlight cos u are not popular and for sure the big shot are not putting attention on you". Disgrace me!!!

Your cool but sure not Tan Wei Ling~~~

Monday, August 11, 2008

Live blogging day 1

For the next three day, i will do live blogging of the convocation at UNIMAS. So please bear with me till the end. Today is the first day, first session where all the Ph.D's, Master's and Undergraduate-Graduate from FSGK.

It brings back the memory of my convocation last year. Looking at those graduated makes me feel like to graduate soon also.

Well, Determine to finish my master as soon as possible so that i also can graduate by next year. So that would be my resolution.

Well, look like talk more of myself then tell the reader what happen. So basically, i'm not invited guest for the conference but still able to watch it live at dewan kuliah 1, old campus UNIMAS. Above is the footage of how it look like when all the graduate come out the main hall. In red pinkish 'jubah' is Master and Ph.D. The only distinction is that Ph.D 'jubah' have a gold lace at both side of the 'jubah' and Master, no. And of course, Master mortar is 'segi empat' and Ph.D mortar is 'bulat'.

Above is when all Faculty Economics and Business CMBA graduate and their family members. Look so red-pinkish everywhere. Ha ha... But that is a very nice and happy view. Can see it in all our lecturer faces. "They are proud of you guys for able to finish Master and graduate successfully".

Some of the footage of CMBA graduate with my supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Ernest Cyril de Run.

He is so happy. Look, look... Ha ha....

And this is a nice one. I wish it was me graduating there. Ha ha... No worries, soon, soon...

In fact right after the photo session, press able to come and have an interview session with my supervisor on Master, CMBA and (i think) Ph.D as well. Hope i was not mistaken of the information i get.

Well not forget also my Sibu friend from Faculty of Engineering that finished his Master Degree. I'm impressed as he finish it in exatly two years that it is very rare, as least for his faculty students that doing Master by course study. 'Congrats Dude'.

This is the only thing for first day, will continue for tommorrow and the day after, if i can. Ha ha....

Your cool~~~

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Been a busy week. Now should be able to concerntrate on my current and ongoing work back in office. Anyway, enjoy the conference. Been able to meet Chief Minister and Minister of Higher Education. Not miss also some of the key speakers from international and local universities.

The best part is the break between every session that i have went to. Nice views from 17th and 18th floor of Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel. Executive lounge.

Your cool~~~

Friday, August 8, 2008


Been listening to quite a lot of news at radio where they say 'don't double park' or 'perfecting the art of double parking'. All these sentence mean 'park properly' and 'be considerate'. Well, i think the community either deaf or just simply 'bodoh sombong'. Went to Sibu three month ago and see how they double park. And the authority seems like nowhere to be seen.

Been driving around Sibu to find some parking but just can't find any. Not there not enough parking space, but mostly cars double park and interestingly nothing happen to them. Back in Kuching, i will always encounter can't find any parking space and it is not due to double parking but due to too many cars. One thing i like of Kuching, people will park properly (accept some inconsiderate one la). Still there is 'bodoh sombong' everywhere. No denial on that.

Your cool~~~

Toilet/ Washroom

Can anyone tell me which one is guy and girl toilet/ washroom? I got confuse cos the picture look alike. Look at the top pictures? Ain't it look he same just different color. Ha ha...
Can find it at Green Hieght Mall at BDC (Nest to the new flyover to airport, Kuching).

Your cool~~~


Miss the old days back at Sarikei. Everytime when i went back, i will have wonderfull days with few of my best buddies. Well, most of the time we will spend our weekdays afternoon and night at coffee shop enjoying our nice Sarikei brewed coffee, few packet of cigarette (not me alone la, all four of us) and few nice snooker game after the coffee shop sessions.

Nice and cozy place with nice slow music and some time some hits music. Vary from English hits to Chinese hits. All time favorite place. and per match only cost RM3.00. Don't know when the Kuchiengs will learn to promote their snooker centre with affordable price rather than charge RM6.00 to RM9.00 per hour. Everytime i play a match at some snooker centre around Kuching, i will definitely rush and don't have much feeling of enjoyment.

Placing of snooker balls. Nice one. Everyone now act like Jimmy Y. Ha ha...

James aiming and look so furious. Ha ha....

This is Alex, our pro master for snooker. Always with his trick skills and sharp aiming. He always the champion among us. Damn... I should practice more. Ha ha...

This is Oscar, the father of two. Ha ha... He still know how to enjoy his life with us. But, he never neglect his family, wife, children and job. A nice guy and a friend of mine since kindi, that include James and Alex as well. 20 years of friendships and more.
And lastly, never forgotten, me.... He he... But this picture look ridiculous right? Ha ha...
Above all, i really miss the old life at Sarikei. All slow and never have to rush for anything. Everyone will say "slow down. Why rush?". That is quite true back at Sarikei. Why rush?

Your cool~~~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Quote from today.

"Perbalahan akan menyebabkan berlaku keruntuhan, dan kita semua akan kehilangan apa yang kita ada..." by Malaysia Prime Minister.

No comment, i won't give, but just ponder yourself.
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