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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gawai festival

Gawai is just at the corner. Wish all the Dayaks and those celebrating "Gawai Guru Gerai Nyamai". My own translation.

Festivals and holidays always get me excited. This cos only at time like this i can really take my breath off the work load. Well, been busy since chinese new year till now and i think i deserve a nice good few day rest at home. But cannot take it too long cos need to rush back to finish up some of the things that still pending.

Two conference papers consist of three papers need to be written, two journal papers, my master main study need to be finished, chapter 1 till 3 must finish and i target before August so the rest month can relax and polish up my work. Seems busy. Hopefully after this can get a part time job to support myself better also.

Be back tomorrow and hopefully today can finish up some of my work. Quite rushing actually. This time i gonna drive back. Hopefully when back i can do some of my own stuff also. ha ha...

Your Cool~~~~

Saturday, May 24, 2008


One of the wonder of the world and it is located at Pontianak. I guess a lot of people don't know that. Well it is where the line of Khatulistiwa are. So that monument itself is located at the middle of Khatulistiwa line.
Pic: The Big Monument Of Equator
Pic: The Original Monument Of The Equator
Pic: Me At The Middle of Equator (Middle Of The World)
Pic: Me At The Southern Part Of The World
Pic: Me At The Northern Part Of The World

Manchester United Win

Oh My God, My favorite team win again and this season two Cup, EPL and Champions League.

I thought that i cannot make it watch this match between Man U and Chelsea but yeah... can make it. Ha ha....

Man U, ur the best.

Your Cool~~~

Wonderfull trip to Ponti

Hi Guys... I'm Back. Wow. What a wonderfull trip that i have. Thanks Prof Ernest, Prof Ahmad, Hardi, Pak Evi and lot more... Well, it's my second time go oversea, not oversea la, just over border but it is really an eye opener trip though.

First of first, i'm rather happy that when i reach Pontianak i can easily become a millionaire. Ha ha.

Pic: Jeffrey Holding One Million

The way the people there promo their business also rather interesting. There are more keen to playing with words. Like the one i see at Pontianak Waterfront park, these nice name that make u feel so good and great if u buy from them. ha ha...

Pic: Small Stalls at Waterfront PontianakPic: Hardi (PhD Student) and AP Dr Ernest
Pic: Seven-Up Packaging That We Rarely See in Malaysia

Pic: At Malaysia We Call It Red Bull

Pic: Me And Boss, AP Dr Ernest

Well, rather have a nice trip there and really saw a lot of stuff there. For instance, here our normal car is Saloon car but there SUV is their normal car. Girls here at Kuching normally drive smaller car, girls there also drive smaller car but a good type (Normally is Honda Jazz). But still, the most common transport there is Motorbike. It's everywhere. God...

Pic: The Town Itself

Pic: The Common Car There

And the food there is also nice. My Boss like it so much. "Prof, Bertapalah when u back office, keep fit". Ha ha..Pic: Food Serve For Ten Person. God...
Pic: Boss Enjoying His Meal

Overall, it is a very nice and enjoyable trip to Pontianak our neighbour.

Your Cool~~~

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just to crumble up some stuff~~~

Just to update few things new.

1) Just move to a new place, flat to be precise and need to pay RM200 +RM50 per month.
2) Just got my new car last week also, not new la, it's second hand but quite new actually.
3) New RA coming in tomorrow, so need to guide and assist him to do whatever that me and Dr. Ernest have started for the past six month.
4) Going to Kalimantan for a visitation to a local University there, organize by a PhD student under Dr. Ernest from 21st till 24th next week.
5) Just done my International Passport and it cost me RM300.
6) Lastly, i'm officially broke for this month and wait for my money to come in and maybe do some part timing job outside after work, help friend. Well it mainly to fill up my free time after work everyday.

By the way, be back to Sarikei end of this month for a week or so to rest and to take care of the house. Parents are travelling to Sri Aman for a singing competition. It's my dad don't know how many time competiting in a big local ring. Hope he will win as see he put much effort in training himself to be better than before. Ha ha... Always think that he should be a singer as he has a very good voice. I have to but just never practice for the past four years.

Your Cool~~~

Monday, May 5, 2008

Post-Graduate Office/ Room

Just recently, we post graduate have our own office for us to serve the net, do our work, discussions, a place to congregate and practically a place where i always 'lepak' when i'm stress and bored. Prof, don angry... He he...

It is still not fully occupied that's why we hope more post graduate will come and join us. But the best thing is that this room is open for post graduate student of faculty of economics and business, 24/7. Ha ha... Great. Not much but it is a free space and place with 'air-conds' on, wow...

This is Patricia place. "Pat where are you?".....



And many more. But just can't seems to find Mohsin place. Heard that he have the nices place with nice view and good 'feng shui'. Know not much of 'Feng Shui' but did found this place. He he..., Prof, don get angry ok? Nice posing right?

We also have place for the Muslim to pray, courtesy from hardy.. Yeah, hardy the best but i don't think i will occupied that place. Well, it's for the Muslims and thanks to hardy, they will have a nice place to fulfill their prayers even when they are really really busy like most of our post grad life would be. Ha ha... 'I'm getting used to it though-busy life'.

And guys, your handwritting sucks. My niece write better. No offence ya. Ha ha...

Your cool~~~

Friday, May 2, 2008

OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya)

1st of May and everyone know that it is Labor Day. Well, there's no particular day (except birthday and anniversary) that for me is a holiday. I still work my sh*t out yesterday though.

But that not the point. Went out with my junior at late noon have a late lunch (normal as i always work till forget time). Went to Warong 2000 (Malay food court, just next to Kota Samarahan Siang Siang food court) and met a nice lad. He's not so tall and i suppose he's only around 15 or 16 years old. He work as the food court attendance, mostly helping out with cleaning tables when customers finish their food and taking in the glass and plates and throw away the left over. The nice part is that he is an OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) with some minor (i guess) Sindrome Down. Well, i'm not so sure but the thing i want to say here is that i'm touch.

Two thing i'm touch of; first, the fact that this kid is an OKU but still i saw deep determination in his eye to do his best on what he was doing, the same determination that we particularly rarely (very, very, very rare) that can be seen in the younger generation nowadays. Secondly is that the owner of the food court himself, not discriminating any type and skin color of a person, taking this nice kid and work in his company. Even though that kid is a bit slow and clumsy but still he can manage to do whatever he was doing in his own way and succeded. There is one occasion i saw him trying to stack up ten or more plastic glass so he no need to go in and out to clean again(it's efficient though), but it seems dangerous and i try to advise him to be careful. Guess what, he come out with an idea where he separate into two and utilize both his not strong and efficient hand and carry it in at one time. and no spills and error. Clever (for OKU with down).

Might not seem interesting to you guys (readers, most of you) but for me, i'm rather touch by his determination and if only i have cam-coder, i will record in down and publish it here in my blog. Such attachment with OKU in me was primary build up when i saw my supervisor cute lad, Walter (he's Down as well). Not pity but just seems to get that attachment with that lad though (i like him). He's really cute. See my supervisor blog ( and you'll notice.

Your cool~~~
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