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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Frustrated or just blank

There is times in certain period that one will lost their mind in total. 'I don't understand what i have just written'.
Anyway, for the last two weeks basically i was trying to be as competent as usual but seems that my brain have shut down. And now for me to restart it, it take time to load. Don know why but was thinking is it cos of classes and management stuff. Hope not.
Honestly, i'm a bit moody. Or this is just a guy PMS? God knows. Anyway, next week is conference week and i need to prepare for it first. And looking forward to Jakarta trip end of this year.
I'm Cool~~~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

News and debat

What happen to our country? Everyday we heard of different news about this and that. Well, quite happy with our government effort actually for live broadcast the debat between DSAI and DSAS last Tuesday. Rather very informative and interesting seeing this two 'tokoh' debating on oil price in Malaysia.

Was browsing through the news in the net this morning as usual. Read some up to date news on the arrest yesterday. One that won't be out in the paper that fast. That's why i don't buy paper anymore. Click on this link .

Well, knowing is good but don't cause any trouble, that's good. Well, like Forrest Gump say, "Stupid do what stupid does".

Your Cool~~~

Monday, July 7, 2008


The biggest event of the year and personally for me the best ever that i have went to, Rainforest World Music Festival.
This year it is the 11th edition already and crowd are drastically increasing over the years. It is the most marvelous event ever, i really mean EVER... Not only the musics impress me, but it is the crowd...

Well the performance is marvelous o la la... They crazy...

And of course the chicks... excellent... stimulating... waterish....

Thanks to DINO, "Nice Pictures"
All pictures are from RWMF 2006. And we are the class of 2006 volunteers.

I'm Cool~~~ Your Cool~~~


Oh my God! This morning went for my regular breakfast at one of the road side popular chinese coffee shop. Have my regular Kopi O Peng and Laksa Sarawak (Can't live without this two, Really). Met one of my faculty lecturer, Mr. Puah, that are generous and very 'chinese'-He always pay first.
Well that not the point. I sound pretty like Malaysian folks, go many round before i land. Ha ha... Here i go again.
Ok, here the thing, this morning Mr. Puah told me that my faculty general office been broken in. Eight PC gone, total gone. Well, just month ago someone broke into my faculty tutor office and carry away four PC and now eight from the general office. I think all the staff can go holiday already since they cannot do much without their PC and most probably they lost most of their working data as well.
For me, WOW... It is a nice news to begin with in the morning since today is Monday and need to tolerate with the busy crowd outside my office (students registering this week). I think i better off to somewhere outside to do my stuff this week than sit at office and been bothered by undergrads. Ha ha... So no more office politics for me this week. God is Good!!!
Your Cool~~~

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Wow... I guess most of you know what happen for the past few month even before our national general election four month ago. A lot have happened. Of the most obvious is the 'Fights of Politicians' between the ruling government and the uprising new government (i'm not saying that they will become the new government. uncertainty is most likely to be said so).

What we can see here is multiple attack from various corner and the ever first that i notice is during the parliament meeting where we can hear our respectful YB and Dato' accusing and mocking each other with names like 'big monkey' and stuff. Wow, our representatives are like that oh. WOW...

Then come BN internal issues where one of the issue where we see our 22 years reigning ex-prime minister unhappiness with the current prime minister where he and his 'konco' decided to leave UMNO and BN as a whole to show their non agreement and non support to the current prime minister and the government under his command.

Then suddenly see the sudden uprising of our ex deputy prime minister that just release from jail somewhere around a year ago. Well, he have gain many support and backup from many nations include the super powers. But suddenly, we saw the new on TV and papers saying that someone accuse this guy of sodomy. same case like ten years ago. Seems like the same tactics right? Then you see this ex deputy prime minister found some proof that the current prime minister are involve in an ugly murder case in 2006. Then you see the one who come out with the evidence suddenly withdraw his statement and say that what he say ealier is all lies. Then the BPR and Police come into roles (they were not even involve previously but suddeny are so hardworking and serious).

Need i mention more especially stories from SAPP, MIC, MCA. But did you heard any news from PKR, DAP and PAS? I don't know. Then you know who the better boss? I don't have any idea.

Well, i don't mention who better here, it's the public who decide who is good or bad. For me all this is humor and as far as i concern, Fight, Fight, Fight!!! Clap, Clap, Clap... We're in CHAOS!!!!!

Your Cool~~~
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