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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Italian Job/ Kelisa

Ha ha... Blogging again. Yes. Been feeling pretty excited this two days. After waiting for so many months and dreaming so many years, i finally get my own car. A car dude. Wow... Never see a Car before. Ha ha... It's blue and compact and i call her Purr... Like how a car Purr... Oo.....Nice. He he. Well, it is second hand and i like it. Cos now that version is basically limited edition and the manufacturer will not manufacture it in near future. News paper say so, i don't know. Ha ha...

I feel like crying. It's like my first baby and *cough* making L.v.. Ehem...

I'm proud...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Life is not fair!

It's Friday night and i done nothing. But still i have a nice night though. Have my full dinner and some beer and now i'm four month 'pregnant'. I think you can guess how big my stomach is.

Been talking to some new friends. Lecturer and PhD student. To not name that lecturer name, he has enlighten my mind on the phase 'life is not fair, get used to it'. An argument been there where he say that if life is fair, then it will bring more unfairness. Just to give an example, if you want to make a farmer life fair, then you need to make them like a farmer. Then one should implies all that is 'farmer', then it would be not fair to others that is not farmers. Likewise saying that one should not expect a farmer to think like a professor or a professor to be like a farmer. Then where is no fairness to this both people. likewise it still does not imply that we should not fight for justice.

It might seems complicated, but if you tense to understand it, you are officially enlightened. Ha ha.... So it's good for me that life is not fair. But it does not stop me to improve and fight for justice. Yo...... Ha ha....

End of line................................................................................

Too many of me me and me. Or should I... God Knows.

It's friday and normally people will get excited one or two days before friday cos of only one reason-friday night. Well, it don't even work on me though. Been so bored for the past week. Trouble by many stuff, the biggest is when my current landlord came and say that he want to take back the house for his elder brother to stay. It pissed me off though as a month ago he promise that i can stay there for another year. But anyway, i got a better place.

I should be working myself to the ass though but i don't think i gonna do that. Been loitering around, anywhere for the past week. With my master thesis still stuck there, i was so keen to finish up a part at least, but i just not in the mood. Have all the thing i want for my research but still nothing moved. Well, i think this is the time when you just feel like doing nothing and lie down on a warm beach with cool water washing up your feet. Sun bath would be nice for me now, i think.

Well, above all, i think that i need a rest. Been three or four month i been working off my ass. Research, consultancy, papers, families, girlfriend. Am thinking of taking a week off next week. Student having exam and i think nothing special gonna hppen that need me to come back right? Well, tomorrow my girl are back for real and i think i gonna spend more time with her, travelling and dating before both of us start to get busy again.

I see the same sindrome in my supervisor. He's tired. He's been really working up his a*s for the past few month and with his bad health condition (Getting better though). I think he should also take a break. But knowing him, there's always thing that come up that make him unable to leave. Unlike me, he's committed to many things, both in and off shore. Also sad over some bad comment over his first book that i notice to be one of the best guide book i ever read before. Only end up with some stupid a*sh*le who have that nerve to give some stupid and really really 'stewpit' comment on his book. wtf!!!

Today i just do nothing, surve the net, red some blogs and guess what, i downloaded Real Media Player Gold 11.0 and watch "American Pie 5: Naked Mile". Nice dude. Love you Stifflers. Sorry for the grandma, die of Cum. Deep shit dude.

Well, that round up my 'fire' in my heart for the last few days. Maybe next few days gonna smoke some 'you know what i mean' happy plant and have some really deep shit vodka. I prefer everclear though cos Will told me it is illegal here (that the feeling man) and it basically content 90% of alcohol. Really deep shit dude.

Cheers, you cool.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Read and what you can find

It seems very interesting to me though. I will not comment on it, it is up to you guys to interpret. From - 19 April 2008

"PKR sambut baik
SUBANG JAYA 18 April - Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) menyambut baik langkah kerajaan menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Pelantikan Kehakiman untuk mengenal pasti dan mencadangkan calon-calon hakim kepada Perdana Menteri.

Penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata, langkah itu wajar berikutan badan kehakiman negara sejak kebelakangan ini berhadapan dengan pelbagai masalah.
Menurut beliau, masalah itu menyebabkan rakyat hilang kepercayaan terhadap institusi perundangan negara.

''Jika kerajaan melakukan sesuatu yang baik, kami sebagai pembangkang sentiasa menyokong langkah-langkah itu.

''Saya berharap reformasi yang dilakukan terhadap badan perundangan negara bukan bukan bersifat sementara, sebaliknya akan berterusan,'' katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri majlis bersama rakyat di sini hari ini.

Sementara itu, Anwar berkata, PKR berjaya memujuk Ahli-ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional (BN) dari Sabah dan Sarawak untuk menyertai parti itu.

''Saya tidak mahu komen banyak mengenai perkara ini. Anda semua tunggu dan lihatlah. Saya akan umumkan perkara ini pada minggu depan,'' ujarnya."


You guy not from UNIMAS never can imagine how rich UNIMAS is. Lately, they just finish up 80% of a full (don know how many holes) golf course that could be multi-million project and a new bridge that look like something like penang or LA bridge.

Have a look.

Our rich UNIVERSITY and for me, it is merely for landscape. Well if for student uses, can't it be not that exegerating (if i spell correctly). WTF!!!!!


Found something new. My junior just bought a "new" dog. Well guess how much it cost? RM700.
Well, worth it though. Cos' it is so so so so cute like a doll. ha ha...

Faculty Dinner

Last week was a busy week. Finishing some left over and went for a dinner.Apparently representating my Boss for the dinner. Well he is the deputy dean so represent him is a honor for me. Ha ha....

This is DR. Evan Lau and Me

This is Dr. Evan Lau and Vicky

The dinner itself.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Some kids

Pictures of some of my juniors. Well, having a nice day. Good luck to you all.

Friday, April 4, 2008


One of me and my fiancee good friend (Pet) just become a mother. Baby boy. Wow!!! Miracle of life. The baby is so cute and not yet a month old. And guess what, he was born on 23 March 2008 and it is me and my fiancee one year anniversary. Yeah. Forever remember it. Love you baby. I need to know that baby name first. Not yet know cos just know the news recently and been so busy with work. But i think they haven't name him yet gua. Don't know. Well if i, i will name him Jonathan. It is the name that i always want for myself. Will visit my friend and her baby next month when i went over to Sibu with my fiancee. But need to clear my duty, ask leaves from my boss and wait for my fiancee to be back from Johor. Should be end of April or early May. Hope all can be smooth.


Nice beach. Yup the only one that one can eventually found in Sarawak. My opinion, there might be no other beach at Sarawak that is likely this nice and clean, i really mean crystal clear and sandy white beach. Warm water and a lot of small sea creature, fisherman village and nice afternoon beach breeze. Very very relaxing. Recommended for those who interested and like to go to beach like me. Well, where it is located, Sematan Beach and the one that i go is palm beach resort beach. There more nice beach that is two time better than Palm Beach resort beach that one can find there.

Nice Unexpected Morning View at Kota Samarahan

Well, not been travelling much lately, not even to the nearby township of Kota Samarahan. Went down last week to go to post office for stamping and notice few nice scenery at eight in the morning.

Nice Paddy Field and cloudy sky.

And eventually see a horse. Very interesting to find a real life horse somewhere at Sarawak and it just at Kota Samarahan.

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