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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1 Malaysia or other 1???

I mean, i can totally understand the 1Malaysia concept. Maybe there is few complication in me on the concept, but overall i can really agree on the idea. It is good and noble. But become reality would be something that we need to watch and see. And that already give me a lot of thinking in it.

But it has become a phenomenon. Everyone now want 1 in their ingredient (ie, ideology). And don't know which fella come out with this term, adapting 1Malaysia and become 1Toilet.

I mean, seriously, 1Toilet? Huh? What is the message behind it? Does he/she mean, 1Toilet for both gender, no need separate between male and female. Wow. If like that, i want oh. But, don't want la. I dont want some aunty see my pee pee when i go wee wee wor. Ew..... Unless a pretty lady, ok lar.....

Or this fella just wanna say that, no need separate between VVIP, VIP and normal citizen (like me) toilet. But seriously, he think the VVIP and VIP want it ah? Just go to any Ministry Offices in Putrajaya, you think normal people can use the toilet in the Minister office ah? I dont think even normal people like me can enter the building like that.

Then? 1Toilet. Come on lar, i dont think the YB's want their private label been seen by others also right? Like me. Cos it is just ew... Why wanna see my pee pee for? Why wanna see other pee pee for? I mean, i dont mind see any bobbies (accept aunties and old ladies), but certainly not other pee pee's. It is just disgusting.

So again, what is the 1Toilet message brings then? Em.....

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