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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sensitivity... eeewwwww.....

OK, i've been asking myself. "Am i too sensitive?" Seriously, am i? The recent events in office have shown the other side of me. The ke po side. and of cause the sensitive side. I care so much on what people think of me rather than what i am doing and what i can do.

Aren't that the correct way, do what you need to do and care lesser on other opinion on you? But, haiya... i care so much... Like a sissy.

As i can recall, not only it happen recently, but all this while. From high school till date. I think it has become a habit. A bad one.

At times i always think and tell myself, what i want to show to others? Am i who i am, aren't it suppose to be that way? And now im a lecturer and in society, a lot of times people is looking at me as noble (but i rejected the whole idea i am noble). So what i want to prove? Or why i am so sensitive? What the point being sensitive?

I can advise people not to be sensitive and hope to cope up, but when it come to myself, i can advise myself. At times i have no self confidence at all.

But again, this is life and i need to get used to it. Get used to people talk at my back. At the end of the day, it is not something that i can control, aren't it?

You're cool....
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