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Saturday, October 28, 2017

After 6 years, im back on Blogger

Recent years been roller coasters ride for me. Met my wife, proposed to her, got married, bought a house (sold one and bought another one), become a dad, become a dad for second time, completed my PhD, got my PhD. And this year, on the 4th of April 2017, my supervisor (he is more than a supervisor to me, he is my Guru, my Teacher, my Friend, he is family) passed away peacefully. I missed him so much as the days passes.

What changed you might ask. Well, a lot.

One thing for sure is this, mentally and spiritually, i've changed. I can feel it. I know i've changed. I guess it is family, i guess as well it come with age and responsibilities.

I'm less vulgar nowadays, don't drink as much as i'm used to, quit smoking (this is something i am very proud of), hang out more often at home on my couch watching TV and playing with the kids, and i'm on High Blood Pressure medication (bad, really bad).

Looking back at all my posts, wow! Young, bold, and stupid i will say it. Well, it refer to myself. Should i delete it? Nah... I just keep it there to remind myself how stupid, how arrogant i am before this.

Thanks Blogger, you sure keep my files in good condition.


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