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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My First Attempt Paintball

Welcome to my zone! Have a real nice outing last sunday. Went for a paintball tournament behind Wisma Saberkas. Team up with the staff from FEB and one lecturer. Well it is all our first time play paintball before and we were consider underdog at that moment. Mainly because all of us is above 24 years old and other team they were all very young, in their second and third year only. Well, we prove them wrong for underestimating us, Bravo team. We manage to win the first two match, eliminate two elite team, one from Palapes and another From Suksis (police cadet). Wow, we really shock but quite proud as we emerge champion for group A. Gathering 175 out of 300 points. We were in the semi and unluckily lost three match afterwards.

This is me, loosing the game. Ah!!! I was head-shot. The fun part is we manage to play 6 round of match and it is the satisfying part that keep us going, not winning the trophy. Well, there always other time to get my revenge. We play from eight thirty morning till 6 afternoon. That really satisfying. Using all the knowledge i have on attack and querilla combat style. Ha ha... Do it well and was compliment by few Pro's that watch us battle. What a privilege.

Will play other time. GO! GO! GO! UP and LOADED!

This is the field. Muddy and Nice.

Team Bravo!

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