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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ha ha... Its me again. Last week is my mom birthday and i manage to go back apart from settle some of my personal stuff back home.

This is the cake that my dad bought. Not much but it is my dad first ever time buy a cake for my mom. Wow... So.. Ew... Dad!!! See the writtings on that cake? "Wife, love you". Dad!!! Ew... Anyway i'm quite happy for it. Cos it is my mom birthday.

Pretty ha. For the record, it is my birthday as well. My birthday is the same day as my mom, 4th March. But my mom celebrate lunar calender birthday that fall on first month of lunar calender. I celebrate 4th March, but yesterday i don't celebrate it as no one remembers and care. So pity me. Lonely guy, alone at home do nothing, go out have coffee alone and watch WWE alone.

By the way, i just dye my hair. Yeah.

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