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Saturday, July 5, 2008


Wow... I guess most of you know what happen for the past few month even before our national general election four month ago. A lot have happened. Of the most obvious is the 'Fights of Politicians' between the ruling government and the uprising new government (i'm not saying that they will become the new government. uncertainty is most likely to be said so).

What we can see here is multiple attack from various corner and the ever first that i notice is during the parliament meeting where we can hear our respectful YB and Dato' accusing and mocking each other with names like 'big monkey' and stuff. Wow, our representatives are like that oh. WOW...

Then come BN internal issues where one of the issue where we see our 22 years reigning ex-prime minister unhappiness with the current prime minister where he and his 'konco' decided to leave UMNO and BN as a whole to show their non agreement and non support to the current prime minister and the government under his command.

Then suddenly see the sudden uprising of our ex deputy prime minister that just release from jail somewhere around a year ago. Well, he have gain many support and backup from many nations include the super powers. But suddenly, we saw the new on TV and papers saying that someone accuse this guy of sodomy. same case like ten years ago. Seems like the same tactics right? Then you see this ex deputy prime minister found some proof that the current prime minister are involve in an ugly murder case in 2006. Then you see the one who come out with the evidence suddenly withdraw his statement and say that what he say ealier is all lies. Then the BPR and Police come into roles (they were not even involve previously but suddeny are so hardworking and serious).

Need i mention more especially stories from SAPP, MIC, MCA. But did you heard any news from PKR, DAP and PAS? I don't know. Then you know who the better boss? I don't have any idea.

Well, i don't mention who better here, it's the public who decide who is good or bad. For me all this is humor and as far as i concern, Fight, Fight, Fight!!! Clap, Clap, Clap... We're in CHAOS!!!!!

Your Cool~~~

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