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Monday, July 7, 2008


Oh my God! This morning went for my regular breakfast at one of the road side popular chinese coffee shop. Have my regular Kopi O Peng and Laksa Sarawak (Can't live without this two, Really). Met one of my faculty lecturer, Mr. Puah, that are generous and very 'chinese'-He always pay first.
Well that not the point. I sound pretty like Malaysian folks, go many round before i land. Ha ha... Here i go again.
Ok, here the thing, this morning Mr. Puah told me that my faculty general office been broken in. Eight PC gone, total gone. Well, just month ago someone broke into my faculty tutor office and carry away four PC and now eight from the general office. I think all the staff can go holiday already since they cannot do much without their PC and most probably they lost most of their working data as well.
For me, WOW... It is a nice news to begin with in the morning since today is Monday and need to tolerate with the busy crowd outside my office (students registering this week). I think i better off to somewhere outside to do my stuff this week than sit at office and been bothered by undergrads. Ha ha... So no more office politics for me this week. God is Good!!!
Your Cool~~~

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