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Monday, February 9, 2009

Witness... The Bold Kenny... BOLD... BOTAK...

Guess what, something nice is gonna come up next Thursday at The Spring Shopping Mall in Kuching at 8.00 p.m. It is at the mark of the ceremony where Kenny Sia (Malaysia Top Blogger) will go bold. He will shave his head Bold, i mean really BOLD, BOTAK, if he manage to gain RM50,000 of donation from the nice kuching people and Malaysia for charity and give to the needy, the kids with cancers.

Well, i get the news from his Blog at For more info, log on to it and i hope the "Kenny Sia Head Shaving Ceremony" will be on. Wanna take pictures of that bugger, BOLD..... BOTAK..... would be rather em... Hillarious.... And at the same time donate some money for the poor kids as well. And was guessing, will Hitz crew be here? Dunno. But it is something that worth to do and come to see. See you guys there. Hope is real...

"Don trick me Kenny... I wanna see you BOLD...BOLD.... BOLD like kwong tau lou"

Your Cool~~~

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