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Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's been a while since my last update of this blog of mine. Well, just back last sunday and been busy since then. Been a hectic CNY, like usual. People say CNY is the time where people relax and relax. But nowadays, most of the people feel that CNY as a hectic and busiest time in a year. Serve people that come for visitation, preparing this and that, go visitation and etc. And the most tired person is always the mom that do all the preparation. Well, salute to all the mom out there. "Mommy, you are the best. I love you".

Even my aunty get very tired after so so many years of this and that before, during and after CNY, where she decided to go to my cousin place in KL for CNY. At least my sis in law can help her up a bit there at KL. It's their first time there. My cousin just get married and moved to their new house at KL. Lucky for her, my aunt. Well, i will bring my mom over to my place when i get married as well. So she would not be that tired and busy. Anyway, she been nagging for a while of getting a CNY get away. Hai~~~

Me by the way, have too much to drink also during CNY. A friend of us getting married, so have all these celebration and barchelor stuff going on. And with all that come the liquors and beers. So basically everyone will get wasted after everyday session of non-stop drinking. So, from now onward i will slow down a lot for drinking. Unless i wanted to drink a lot lar... Ha ha...

By the way, i just got a new notebook as well and as you read on this, i'm using it. Ha ha.. Well, it's after five years accompanied by my reliable desktop, when last month it finally decided to broke down and say no to me. But i still love that desktop. So many memories, so many stories, so many accomplishment we have gone through together. Well, hope that thsi new notebook can strive together with me, especially for the next few months, master thesis writting.

Anyway, that's all for now. As promised, Borneo Travel post will be up soon. and that the third. Ha ha...

Your Cool~~~

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