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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bad Bad Banking service from the Bank. "Am so so angry now!!"

Now this is the one that i really dislike about way of conduct. I just change my ATM card to debit card last week. Eventually i have use the card for so many years, and it finally broke down on me. So more the card is old and not really functioning well. So decided to change the card, and preferable to debit card. My real intention is that i can use the card for petrol, no need bring cash. As recommended in radio. So i did it.

Well, change the card, used it yesterday and something happen. I use it to pump RM20.01 at Petronas, and another RM20.00 at Shell station. Then last night, i decided to bank in RM50.00 to my account to reimburse back the amount in my account. So when i check my account, i notice RM400.00 gone. WTF!!! My MONEY!!!

So with a very frustrated and nervous feeling, i called up the Bank customer service 24 hours hot line. So talk to this officer on the line and tell her my problem. This happen.

1) I don know what the heck she is talking about. Most probably an Indian, or from some country, the English language broken like Hell. I need to ask her few time, "Pardon, can u repeat that again?" before i can eventually know what the heck she is talking about. The worst thing is that i need to teach her to pronounce the word properly. Damn.

2) She tell me that, if i use the card on the machine at the pump station (not at counter), automatically the petrol station will hold RM200.00 from my account. So i pump at two petrol station, so RM400.00 being hold by them. The worst thing is, this never been told by the bankers to me when i change my card, nor any call from the bank notifying me this, nor any announcement in the Radio (as i listen every single day) on such matter. What the bankers told me is that, it can be use for petrol. yes, no doubt, but if told me earlier, i will then know, and prefer use cash cos i only have few hundred in that account. And now i need cash, i don have. So i launch a report last night (customer service line) and wait for their news.

3) What so far that girl told me last night is that the rest of the money will be reimburse in to my account after 30 DAYS... Bloody hell, 30 DAYS wor. i only got RM200.00 now for petrol, food and rental. FUCK the bank lar. So Monday, i will go to the bank and clarify this. It is not my fault eventually cos they didn't tell me. And the bankers expect us (me) to ask such question when i change the card? They don even gave me any voucher on the product. How would i know what to ask? I am just a normal consumer.

4) So if they don want to reimburse the money back to my account, i will go extreme to Police report. For me, this is something like fraud. I will be happy if they told me earlier, when i change my card, on the using of the card. But, no... NOTHING been told to me. Just change for me, when i ask "can use for petrol?", they say "yes!". That's all from them.

Am so frustrated cos i have very very limited money and i have not pay my house rental. I expect to pay today, but because of the bank non-efficiency, i unable to do a lot of thing and pay my bills. If i have RM10,000.00 in the account i don mind. But i'm just a bloody hell student and i only have less than a thousand in that account, so how i gonna survive. RM400.00 for a student like me is bloody hell huge ady wor.... Damn that bank.

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