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Friday, September 11, 2009

Nearing the End

It is the most difficult part as when ur work is nearing the end. How should i say it? Em... My thesis, just left less than 5% of redo here and there before i submit for final drafting with my supervisor. What make the thing worst is laziness, tiredness and pure lazy.

For almost a week, i still left 5% to finish. When lar i can finish this. Hopefully this few day as i sit in office and really work and concentrate. Damn, it is hard to really concentrate. was hoping i have the brain of my boss now. Won't it be great. wahahaha.

And FB make the thing worst. It is so tempting and cannot resist it. Whenever i go online, the firt thing would be FB. It's like taking drugs. u must have it every single day. Damn FB.


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