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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happening of 2010

It is the time of the year again. This entry i will try to summarize my 2010 experiences. I have been to ups and downs, many are ups.

1) First thing happen in early 2010, i manage to finish my thesis writings and submitted on-time (approximately 20 months). Submitted to faculty and normal, ding dong here and there and took them 8 months to call for my VIVA. Well, went for VIVA as instructed and done my best and WA...LA.... i passed.... Then do my correction again, as instructed and submitted and now STILL WAITING.... But at least pass my master, not easy being "the first" Master by Research Major in Marketing in UNIMAS that finish the master writings. And among the few among my colleagues that submitted on-time and fast. Am quite proud actually and my greatest gratitudes to my supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Ernest Cyril de Run.

2) Joined SEGi College Sarawak campus as programme coordinator for graduate studies and applied business research on 12 April 2010. Pass interview in one shot in the morning and by late noon, get the offer from them for the position that i dont apply before. Oh well, took up the challenge and joined them despite the long and winding 'rumors' around that say how bad and bad is SEGi. Eight month passed and i proved those rumors wrong. SEGi is great. Without SEGi, i wouldn't be what and who i am today. Resigned two month ago, get a better offer at UCSI and next week 3 January 2011 my first day there. New year, new life, new work. ha ha.... ^^

3) Done programme accreditation for SEGi for four programme, BBUS Marketing, Human Resource Management and Administrative Management 3+0 in collaboration with University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Another one is BA (Hons) Business and Management 3+0 in collaboration with University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. Once all these programme being accredited by MQA, all the graduate (new and previous) will get their degree recognized by JPA and all the government bodies in Malaysia. So they should all thank me then. Ha ha... Plus, the accreditation came on the same day for all the four programme and im alone handling the academic, with Hailey help me do student files, Mahani help me do lecturers file and Fairol help me get everything prepare for the accreditation visit. Overall i do over 80% of the work. Tired and satisfied. Proof a lot of people wrong, that nothing is impossible as long as you have heart into doing it. Now just awaiting the news from MQA. So now im expert already in COPPA. Waka Waka.... ^^

4) Broke up with Kolly. Four years relationship. Few month back, we from bad to worst and finally she pop out the question and ask for breakup. Of cos, im sad and done many to retain her. I am not happy, i dont want a break up. But after few month, i finally open up my heart and brain (thanks to my elder brother for the advice actually) and i move on. Now i have new love and will cherish her and wont repeat the same mistakes again. I have put down my ego, temper and bad attitude, and whenever i do wrong to anyone especially my love one, the first thing i will apologize and make sure it wont happen anymore. I will cherish her more, love, care and be there for her. Weekdays i owned by the company, weekend it's our time. No work, no others, just sweet time together.

5) My family house finally sold off by bank few month back. We have move to a new place. We rented a house at Jln Kiong Soon no 29. A nice place. Even though the house is old (approximately 30 years in age), but it is so comfy. Last Christmas i went back and the first instance i step into the house, i found peace and joy. Glad my mom make the right choice. Things from worst now getting better. After move house, my dad get more "kang tao" and earning extra cash. My brothers are doing better and i found new love and life. Something good that im looking ahead now.

6) Send my mom to Sibu GH last Christmas Eve and do ultra sound on her neck. Got three lump at her neck, one big, one medium and one tiny. She will undergone a minor operation soon next year and hope everything goes well. Im worried actually. So so worried.

Thats the few big things happen in my 2010. Will detail one by one once i have ime to do that. Plus today im sick and lazy also. Waka Waka... ^^ Till then.... Laters......

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