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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Working life in SEGi College Sarawak

Today my last day with SEGi College Sarawak. Actually it is 31 December 2010, but tomorrow im on leave and Friday i only work for half day to clear my stuff.

I started off joining SEGi as a Programme Coordinator on 12th of April 2010. It is a big challenge for me to join SEGi due to the many bad rumors and comments that i heard before i join the company. As i was desperate and need money to sustain, i tool up the job as the programme coordinator for Graduate Studies and Applied Business Research.

Wow, first week at job really almost kill me. With the loads and stress, i persevere. I remember my Supervisor, Dr. Ernest, always told me this, "if you can stand here, you can stand outside there." Indeed, he is true. Its nothing worst than my years in UNIMAS and off cause the constant 'bomb' from my supervisor when i do my degree and master.

Nothing big deal actually here in SEGi. I have done four programme accreditation at the same time, preparing documentations mainly alone. It is two time thicker than my thesis for each programme. So work goes on and i continue and just bite my tongue and do, do, do, do.....

Yeah, manage to finish up all, and build School of Graduate Studies that was never there. Know a lot of friends, met students, being curse by students, and so many more. Include met my current Honey.

Overall, i will say this, SEGi is good but need more improvement. Sitting on management position here in SEGi i can testify that SEGi is ok. SEGi have the best working environment so far, from the different places that i have went to. SEGi also is a very good training ground for those who want to remain in academic in the long run. Not only i testify on this, but also all the previous managers and employees that left SEGi for a better offer. Without SEGi, i don't think i would learn and achieve what i am today. So my credit to SEGi and the team. "You guys are the best."

Im sad, leaving this wonderful place. Even though at times there is a lot of disagreements, but at the end of the day, we are all happy and contented in our life and undertakings in SEGi.

I will miss this place a lot. Untill then, later....

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