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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Graduation 2011

12 days from now, i will be again conferred in UNIMAS. And this time it is for my Master. If you are reading my blog, that i self-proclaimed to be a good one, i finished my Master officially 1 and a half year ago. Plus minus.

This time, it gonna happen here at DeTAR Putra Unimas, our very own new multi-function hall. Am i excited? Yes i am!

This hall, as i been told, can accommodate up to 4000 people at one time, or more, depending on the arrangement done. It was officiated few months back and if you read the local news, it was in Borneo Post.

Enough of the hall thingy. Alright, with the convocation coming soon, i will officially become another graduate ofUNIMAS. Whereas this time, it is a personal pride to me and another of my friend from Pakistan. If there is no changes, he will be the first being conferred in this new hall and me being the second, marking yet another history in the making of UNIMAS.

And i think the proudest people would be my Supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Ernest Cyril de Run. His very first single hand supervised PhD student (Mohsin from Pakistan) and yours truly me (Masters by Research) will be graduating. No doubt that he is capable. I recall that i am a person that know nothing, and now, me and Mohsin are proudly stating that we are in someway, the expert in our particular field.

As for me, i am another researcher doing on Sales Promotion in Malaysia and till date manage to come out with few prominent papers and chapter in books on Sales Promotion from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand perspective. And of cause, there is still more to come.

The most recent one is another chapter in a book that is schedule to be available somewhere next year. It was written by me and Ernest (as this how is how i call my supervisor nowadays) two years ago and it is a part of my Master Thesis as well. To be honest, i am quite proud of this accomplishment. And saying that, i need to publish more, not to prove to people, but to make myself more competent in what i am doing now.

I really need to thank my supervisor, Ernest, on this. Too much that i need to say or want to say. But, a simple 'Thank you Prof Ernest' will do for now, i hope.

Alright, you're cool. Jeff out.

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