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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Asian stars morality downpour

Last week was a busy week. But manage to watch entertainment news (the one i do to relax at night time) and oversee the news on Hong Kong star Edison Chen naughty picture scandals. Well it was so conveniently that one of my friend forward me the link to the pictures that been uploaded to the WWW for public veiwing. WOW... after viewing it, it really open my eyes to the downpour of Asian Celebrities morality. Well, many was involve for example Gillian Chung, BoBo Chan, Jolin Tsai, Maggie Q, Cecilia and many more.

The Following picture is just one of the example that willingly by me put in here for those who want to see (Parent descreetion is advised!). Others honestly very XXX and i don't wish to show to the public. (wanna see it, find yourself!!!).

Well, the public especially 'fans' was idolizing these celebrities especially Edison Chen and Jolin Tsai. Well i doubt that after this incident, people will stop idolizing them. As i know, the more news and scandals you have, the more popular you will be (I was thinking, did Edison did this purposely for publicity?). Well, i cannot answer that questions but you guys outside there can tell me what you think. Go to this link and see for yourself. You know what i was talking about.

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