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Friday, February 22, 2008

Squatters and PPR in Kuching: A real eyes opener

My second attempt blogging. After seeing my supervisor blog, been interested to write my experiences. For the past one month, i been working on my supervisor consultancy stuff. Well, i was un-officially appointed as the project manager of this project mainly concentrating on fieldwork that cover interviews and collecting responses through questionnaires. The hard part is when we (Five of us) go for questionnaires distribution and collection for those who stay at squatters area (by the way, the consultation is on those who stay at Projek Perumahan Rakyat -PPR, and Squatters area and their satisfaction and dissatisfaction staying there). Well, as espected, life not that easy as people see. We been scolded, mocked, negatively evaluated as trouble makers and there even some really unconsiderate and unreasonable chinese who stay at squatters (not to pin point chinese but it is what happen) that purposely let loose of their dogs to chase us away. Well, what i think is not chase, but purpose is for the dogs to bite us and make us stay away from their teritory. Well, these chinese is stupid enough considering government land as their own land. No action will be taken from us the group from UNIMAS, but i hope those chinese who make our life bad to be taken serious actions by the state government (i was hoping they were chase out from the squatters area) so it will be fair to all. Seeing so, i really pity on those who are really poor and have no place to stay (final option-squatters). Well, i hope that government will fairly help them, not biasing on any ethnic group.

Well for those who stay at Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR), "be fair to those poor one please". It really open up my eyes seeing those rich chinese, using their wife name (that conveniently was Bumi's) to apply for these PPR houses. Knowing it only cost RM150.00 rental a month (the cheapest i ever heard of) and a downpayment of lower than one thousand ringgit. Their house decoration was so modern and elegent (those that we can see in rich people houses) with a sofa set that are more than RM2000.00, HD sound system with complete set that i think somewhere around RM2000.00 to RM3000.00 minumum and complete set of "house" accessories-WOW..... Well that is what considered poor? No.... i don't think so... I don even able to buy all those "big boys" toys!!!! Really s0..... aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.... So unfair for others... Rich guy, go get other place lah, not "REBUT" with the poor one...

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