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Friday, February 29, 2008

Before and After

People, see this. Before and after. Well it regarding our pass field trip to various squatters and RPR Taman Sri Dahlia. "It's the living place". Well lucky for those living at squatters will have big chance to get to stay at PPR. I hope i can.

This is before they move to PPR and this is what squatters area look like. Fimiliar. Well, the land is wet, dirty, smelly, doggy (stupid chinese guy let loose dog to bite me-CURSE you) and anything that people don't want at a living place. Ew....

This is PPR. WOW.... No wonder so many rich chinese use their 'wifes' name that conveniently 'A' Bumi's to get this place. Well i will suggest to ???(guess yourself) to do spot-check to well... 'halau' those rich guy and let the squatters tenant to move in. Poor them, have to 'rebut' with the stupid, selfish rich chinese there. By the way, there is an ex-UNIMAS (FSTS-Graduate) student stay there. Ha ha... another bad example. Kids, don't learn them, it is selfish (Not Shell-Fish). Ha ha...

Now you seen it. See how unfair is life. Rich people, what house you stay in? Don't answer me, answer yourself.

God Mercy on me for so straight.

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