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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So you think that you have the best wine before. You thought that the grain yougulp down your throat is the hardest. You thought that you can shot down shots of Vodka, Chivas, La Beam, you are the one, the man, the best. It sound like Sky Ong, don't know how to drink but still pretend he is the great.

Na, back to my story. You thought having 40% liquior is strong and make you drunk. Try to say it again when you tried Everclear. It is made out of grain and can only be get at one of the state in the United State.

Don't ever look down on this drink. It's 95% content of alcohol. Like the American like their shit, strong and heavy. Two shot of this and it get me weee.... straight to my brain dude.

But one never drink Everclear straight.It will kill you. Don believe me? Ask Evan, Will and Yuen.

Here how you do it dude!

Thats the shake baby. Shake it Bake it!!!

Few shot more, Yuen of to la la land.... zzzzzz~~~~~~

Your cool~~~~

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