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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Increase or increment

Malaysia will go insane sooner or sooner, not later. What our leader are thinking of? Now we really can see how suffer our fellow Malaysian. It is not only feeled by the poor income group, but also we can see that how the medium and high income group are complaining and affected much from it. Recalling my conversation with my buddy back home, he was complaining that his father business soon will be close down. His father a contractor and mostly tender government project, where now have to bear all the cost with no any type of subsidies or help from our beloved Government that tender project to him. He was also saying that might go full time venturing into plantation than tender government project anymore.
Fuel price increase, sugar price increase, cooking oil increase, rice price increase, everything increased. But one thing remain, our salary even government servant salary are not increasing. Like Mahathir say, our real saving decrease, cost of living increase to more than 50% or more. God knows only when we will become like Indonesia or third world country, not towards development country anymore. What we can do, nothing. But i think one thing we can do is pray that our beloved leaders and government will be rejected very very very soon and they will be enlighten with their own mistakes and fault.
Like what i have read from lot of blogs and news and i get really pissed off with what have happen. not i want to attack anyone or any party but this is what i have heard from the people around us. Everyone not happy cos we know that we soon will use all our savings and income just to survive. Last time we can easily save money for future purpose but with the condition now, future need to take care of itself/themself. God help us, help the responsible person to know their own faults and wrongs, and correct all include themselves.
Niamah... Kan ni neh... Chau Chi Bai...

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Florence - dongdong said...

That is what we call Malaysia Culture.. Haha..
The inflation also happens in Sg now but their salary had increased as my hubby's salary and some of my frens also got increased. See...thats the different.

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