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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gawai festival

Gawai is just at the corner. Wish all the Dayaks and those celebrating "Gawai Guru Gerai Nyamai". My own translation.

Festivals and holidays always get me excited. This cos only at time like this i can really take my breath off the work load. Well, been busy since chinese new year till now and i think i deserve a nice good few day rest at home. But cannot take it too long cos need to rush back to finish up some of the things that still pending.

Two conference papers consist of three papers need to be written, two journal papers, my master main study need to be finished, chapter 1 till 3 must finish and i target before August so the rest month can relax and polish up my work. Seems busy. Hopefully after this can get a part time job to support myself better also.

Be back tomorrow and hopefully today can finish up some of my work. Quite rushing actually. This time i gonna drive back. Hopefully when back i can do some of my own stuff also. ha ha...

Your Cool~~~~

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