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Monday, December 8, 2008

First trip - Bintulu

Well, am now in Bintulu but unable to upload all the photo that i have took for the first day. Been an exciting trip and now have almost master all the main road in Bintulu. When back in Kuching then i will upload the photos for public viewing.

Supposely have few meetings with some friends here. And thought that it could be rather long as what my friend told me. But seems like it is a short one where consensus were met fast and effective. Anyway, a rather nice chat with some old buddies from undergraduates years in UNIMAS.

Tomorrow will stay at my dear Uncle house somewhere nearby this parkcity as well. Well, would enjoy some precious time that i can spend with my cousin and relatives here. Been more than ten years i didn't actually have a holiday here at Bintulu. My last trip here was on 2004 where i just pass by Bintulu. But this time i drive so can plan and stay longer than before.

Here just some update on my trip venturing Borneo. Wish me luck and save journey.

Your Cool~~~

1 comment:

FLo~ said...

envy~~~~ How much i wish can go travel also runaway from my tons of workload!!!
All da best and wonderful journey!

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