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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Letter To Santa

Ho Ho Ho....

Dear Santa,
Hi there mate. Em... Never in my life i wrote any letter to you. Sometimes, i even doubt that you exist, except in the movies. Well, this will be my first time writting to you. I've been a naughty boy this year. Done that, been there... Well, i'm still feeling like doing more bad stuff coming next year. But but but, i will be good if you give me a present this year as i saw in the TV, when you gave presents to children. Well, i'm not a kid anymore but deep in my heart i'm still a 5 years old boy. Ha ha... or 50??? I don't know...

Well, what i want this year is "A Job".... Let me emphasize again.... "A Job". Not any job, but it is the job that suite me and is in my feild of interest. So again Santa. i want "A Job".... That have at least RM3 K and above. He he.... So will Santa give me? If u give me, i promise you and Christ that i will be good. Even no, i will also be good this year... Just another year end Resolution for coming 2009.

To those outside there, Merry belated Christmas and a happy 2009 new year.



FLo~ said...

Can u please ask Santa to give me the same gift as you ask from him? Haha~~
Have a joyful Christmas and fruitful year 2009.


J-Man said...

nope. need to ask for yourself lar. ha ha...

YUN said...

haha... i also wanna same gift with you

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