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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

KFC - NOT - Kentucky Fried Chicken

This is a story long time ago. Just noticed it just now when having dinner with my Uncle and his family.

Ok, if everyone so loving going to KFC and eat the 'Chicken' there, well guess what... You are eating genetically modified chicken that barely have feathers or even some don't have any at all. Well, this is KFC strategy to boost up sales by cutting cost using genetically modified chicken that can be harvest in a shorter period considering buying and waiting for 'real chicken' that might cost more in long term.

So everyone like the crispy skin and the tender chicken meat well prepared as promise by our beloved Kolonel Sandlers. Well, guess what, you're eating genetically modified chicken, not the chicken that you and i personally know. Ew.... And they stop using Kentucky Fried Chicken name, instead use only KFC, cos they no more use chicken like the original recipe is all about. And why KFC is still called their chicken as chicken instead of genetically modified chicken.

Was wondering when KFC gonna genetically modified their chicken into two breast and four drumstick and wing. Ew... Or it already been done then. More ew.....then. Ew....

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