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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sarawak Adventure - 2

The idea for this adventure trip of mine all started off with the visitation that i have at Lau (one of FEB master student) place at Sematan, at the end of Sarawak. So was thinking, last 2004 i did venture Sarawak but mainly just pass by. So this time at 2008, after four years of solidatory in UNIMAS, i decided to do some different. From Sematan to Lawas. But i must at least stop by all the places along the highway.

It is a nice drive. The pictue below is the view from my car when i almost reach Miri. Nice highway beside the beach.

And the whole idea is to see the beaches all along the way to Lawas. As i like beach, expecially the sunset views and the nice smooth breeze along with the wave hitting on the sandy white beach. So far, the best beach i've been to is Sabah. So travel up tpo Miri and see if the beach there is as nice as Sabah one. That would be another post all together then. Ha ha...

And of that, it's all thanks to my loyal companion and wife, my kelise EZi 1.0. Oh, i love you my car... Mon Amie...

Anyway, the next post would be the beaches... yeah baby...
Your Cool~~~

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