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Friday, January 23, 2009

The just spoiled it.

They just spoiled it, they just have done it.
You know what, since i was small, very very young and inmatured, we and apparently me, have been exposed to a well known, world popular, greatest anime of all time, DragonBall. I even watched it from the very first episode of of DragonBall up untill the last episode on DragonBall GT2. And still love it till now though it have long finish and i don think there is anymore new DragonBall anime out.

But some buggers from Hollywood decided to give a live to this well known anime through cinema, new movie named as DragonBall Evolution. WTF!!! The worst aint here yet as they totally kill the characters in that movie. Just see this picture for example.

Is the middle one suppose to be Goku? He look like some white guy from uptown. Stupid. Chow Yun Fatt become master Roshi, that still make sense but where is the Bold and Turtle Shell? And the perverted face of Master Roshi? I can't explain anymore but do see this trailer of this new movie. Then you tell me...

Go to this blog, , and see by yourself. It's really stupid and disgracing for anime lovers.

I'm Not COOL~~~

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