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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sarawak Adventure - 1

The last month have really been an intense month for me. Not only pack will conference, seminars and wedding schedule, but also a lot of travelling. And i'm proud to say that i have successfully travel from one end of Sarawak to another end of Sarawak (Sematan till Lawas) and eventually half of Sabah (Sipitang till Kota Kinabalu). Not much people have done that and i'm proud to announce that Jeffrey have done that and have been there. Well, as promise, will blog on my journey and some interesting facts and locations as i bring you guys travel Sarawak, the land of the Head Hunter. Located in Borneo Island, in South China Sea.

Sarawak. The land of the head hunters. The land of the Hornbill. Well, personally i like to call it as "The Land of the Head Hunter". Cos' it symbolize Sarawak and the locals here.

The administrative capital of Sarawak is Kuching (the place where i was located now), .Other major towns also include Sibu, Miri, Bintulu, Sri Aman, Sarikei, Mukah, Betong, Limbang, Lawas and much more.It is rather interesting to note that Sarawak (similarly Sabah) is a multicultural state, with no ethnic majority. Meaning that it is quite equal. Unlike West Malaysia where one can see that in a lot of places/states there is some kind of majority ethnic and mostly were Malay. The majority of Sarawak's people are non-Muslim; there are over 30 ethnic (non-Malay) indigenous/natives groups in Sarawak.

Well me personally is also a mix, 1/3 Hakka (dad side), 1/3 Foochow (mom side) and 1/3 Iban (dad side). My dad a pure Chinese - Iban mix bloodline where my grandma a pure Iban. That's why i kinda look like a bit native (more handsome lar... ha ha...., na... just joking bout the handsome part). And such phenomenon is quite common in Sarawak where more and more Chinese and Malay and mixing with other races (natives). Though it have been going on for the past half century, it is now a common sight in the community.

Well, thats all for the introduction to Sarawak now. Next post will be my first trip on the 1st of December 2008. See ya.

Your Cool~~~

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