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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Masters, PhD, anything.

Well, howdy there...

This post actually meant for those that are thinking of pursuing their masters after they graduated. Well, as easy as it sounds, there are still few considerations here and there. What thing will be worse if you wrongly selected your path. Even though i strongly disagree with taking masters is a total waste of time (as told by some idiots), yet proper consideration is a must, a necessity. Range from what is your purpose to getting a job later.

Well, i also have this dilemma when i graduated in 2007, either or not to take masters. I eventually been discourage. But, am glad I've made the right choice to continue even i have big financial problem. But i know that, i have pour a strong ground to my future since the day i register as a masters student in UNIMAS.

Back to the story, is your choice, your life, get hold of it. Don't let other people hold you back from doing what you think is good for you and you are confidence that it will benefits on of these days. People outside that is working don't even have this chance or time or the brain to do masters as you, so why you stop cos some idiots told you so. Right?

Still, it comes back to few questions that you have to answer yourself, no one else can answer for you.

1) What is your purpose? Why you want to take masters?
2) What you want to achieve?
3) Are you sure you can do this cos at the end of the day, it is still you alone doing it, no one will really help.
4) Are you willing to spend the next two years for your masters as most of your friends is making their first 2k?

Then, if you can answer these questions and you got your own answers, good, congrats, cos you are making an effort to use your brain to think. And you know where you are. Then it come to this questions again, What should i do? What is my title?

From an academician point of view, if you decided, you actually should have an idea on what to do already. But, knowing most undergraduates in UNIMAS is being spoon fed by their beloved lecturers, they have no what so ever idea on what to do. So, if you approach some lecturer, and he/she give you an idea, try to write up a proposal. Cos the questions will be this; what you want to do if you don't have a research proposal for your masters? This is if you want to take masters by research. And for financial release, there is a lot of opportunities outside there, go search and apply. Don't wait for the money to drop from the sky, cos it will never happen.

For course work, just make sure your pocket is thick enough as most of the time (i think all) masters courses in Malaysia is expensive, relatively different from undergraduates where they only pay minimum or less than RM800 for a semester, in public University.

So, ask yourself, what you want to do/ what is your purpose? how can i achieve it with minimum strength, money and time? If you can answer this, believe me, you are a step closer to achieving it and even can easily overpass me. Job is there, and believe me, you are the best candidates among thousand and million of fresh grad outside.

So for me, i will continue struggle and do my best. Though some in a time, at some occasions, i might be discourage by family matters, financial problem and some people stupid idea of taking masters is a total waste of time, i will still do what i am best on. And that is research and teaching. After finish my masters, i will pursue further to PhD, regardless of what people around me might say. Primary, to achieve my dream as an academician. At the same time, for a better future and lastly to let those people that initially look down on me regret what they have said and think of me, as a useless crap. Well, at least now i am an asset to my future/potential employer.

Boring post, long story, a lot of bla bla bla...


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