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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ok ok. Found this rather interesting. Actually, i'm really impressed with UNIMAS song. I think i like it (not love it) since the first day i know that song.

Was searching over YouTube on any results on UNIMAS (i sound rather easy now right). Ha ha... And i found this. Old Scholl Vs New Generation. But here the fact. The old school sound more nicer and nostalgic. At least to my generation and generation before me.

Here the old school...

And this the so called new generation

Seriously, the new one sound so lame and mellow. I mean, i feel so down when i listen to the new one.

Come on, they can just pay some nice professional band and choir group to sing bah. Or singles like the old school will surely sound better. Or just find me lar... (lolz...)


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