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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day, 'Love you mommy'

Today is mothers day anniversary. I was not back home, partly i'm broke with a lot of maintainence need to be done this month. Ya, i have move to a new place cos the previous house contract expired already.

Seriously, i did miss my beloved mom so much. But manage to talk to her on the phone earlier today. But most of the conversation trigger around my younger brother attitude currently. I be back to home in this week. To bring my mom to a specialist for her regular body check up. She is not feeling well and i'm very worried of it. I think apart from me and my family (dad and brothers), other people might don't care. I never heard any of my aunt and uncle ask anything about their sister, that is my mom. Sometimes, i just do not understand. Really.

She have a weak heart condition, and insomnia. And stress. I always call up mom just to let her know that i care and worried at the same time. Ask her to take care of herself when i'm not around her. Cos at the end of the day, she is the only mom that i got and i deeply and dearly love her so so much.

Still, i wanna hope all the mom in this world a 'Happy Mothers Day'. Have a blessed years ahead and always keep in good health.

Love you mom.

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