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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning happening - Snippets.

Well, this morning seems a bit different as the rest of the morning. Well, i mean kinda of different.

Weird call~~

Around 8am something, dunno who the heck call me up. Actually, not call, but miss call. Well, being the curious me will always call back and clarify who call and what is the matter. Not that i being stupid or something, is that it might be someone from work or of importance call me up for serious matters. But this morning no, it is a prank call. Damn.

The worst part is, when i call back, no answer. And after few minutes, that number sms me back and as me, "sapa tok?" mean who is this? come on, you call me and now you sms me and ask me who am i? So my standard reply is, "you call me this morning and you ask me who am i now?" And that number reply again and insist me to tell him/her who am i? so now a bit frustrated, so i sms back and tell that guy/gal/kid (as i now have the feeling is a prank call from a kid) that i would report to police if call me up again.

But the worst part is this, not worst lar, but funny part is this. After an hour from the last sms, i got another sms from the same number saying "RM1 PLZ". Huh? Now i really laughing my ass off. Ha ha... Don lar underestimate me, ask lar something like "RM100 PLZ". Sound more sane bah. Tiu lar.... Ha ha...

Call From Boss~~
Got a call from boss right after the prank call case. Something happen and boss can't contact Lau as Lau is the one that do the documentation. Don't really sound good, but hope that all can be settle by boss and Lau, and all goes well.

Cool dude -> Lau and Boss.

The worst and the most frustrating thing this morning. I really hate haze. Partly i have a very sensitive nose that can change to bad anytime the air is not clean and the temperature changes. Ok, the haze is here and i can accept that it is here. Nothing much that i can do accept not to do any open burning, right?

This is the picture that i took when i was on my way to office this morning. It is not cloudy, but hazy. Location, Kota Samarahan, Desa Ilmu, UNIMAS.

Still, what i see this morning is really frustrating and bad. It's hazy and some stupid neighbor of mine start open burning. And there is another place i saw doing the same stuff. It is something like a government training center, and they also do open burning. What the Heck? Don't this guys have little consideration of the current hazy condition and be a good Samaritan and stop open burning.

Now, it is so damn hot and hazy, my nose start bleeding for no reason again. Damn.

Not feeling really well today.


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