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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Safe Ground

My safe ground is no more a safe ground. Just few minutes ago, receive a mail from my boss and the content is this.

Warga UNIMAS yang dihormati,

Adalah dimaklumkan UNIMAS telah mempunyai dua kes positif H1N1 (kes import)
yang melibatkan staf di Bahagian Pentadbiran dan Keselamatan (BPAK) dan
Bahagian Pembangunan dan Pengurusan Sumber Manusia (BPPSM). Staf -staf
yang terlibat sudah dikuarantin dan sedang mendapat rawatan sewajarnya.

So, i think should just stay in own office and refuse to go to new campus, or contact with any unfamiliar staff that are other than own faculty staff. And the most importantly, don talk to any UNIMAS pak guard as they might have contact with one of the victim. No matter what, Ladies, restrict yourself from talking or getting near to any pak guard. They not only have the possibility in contact with the victim, they also have other simpton like miang, gatal and etc etc. Seriously, restrain yourself from in contact with them. It's dangerous, think for yourself.

For Guys, if you see any pak gurad nearing you, easy, RUN or find a cloth, cover your face nicely and firmly, and beat the shit out of those pak guard. Em...


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