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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Upcoming Trip and Work Load.

Well, as i was notified like few weeks ago, i am teaching classes. But differently, this time i was not being paid. But well, that is a part of life and load for postgrad. I mean, i do grumble, but as i think of it, it worth the penny to teach for free. I get more than money, it is called "working experience". And it is not always you will get to taught Degree Student without any Masters qualification, and some more in public universities. Right? So those that grumble, stop it.

And also got an opportunity to actually help up one of my lecturer that i have never got any chances to work and collaborate with. Well, it is not much, but worth of the experience and building up more networks.

For that job, i am require to help to find students/postgrad that are willing to work hard and do things. I do have few key people, but mostly are Sarawakian. Those west malaysian, not that i don't trust them, is that they don show to me and the team the commitment and ability to cope with different people and communicate. So for the work, i prefer Sarawakian, easier to monitor and they know the place as well as the language.

If everyone can work like Lau and Bill, then it would be great cos no worries. Gals, sorry, thinking of your safety, i prefer that you gals in at least 2 to 3 people per area. Anything happen, i won't take any into any account and being responsible for.

Hopefully the effort that i have put in training new people and give exposure to people that never do fieldwork being appreciated. Just remember to treat me dinner when you success.


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