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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mid Term Break

Alrght alright alright alright... It is H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.~~~~ Er... Not it is Mid Term Break and the Pig Just Flew.

I cant recall well now, has it been 4 years now since the last time i enjoy the so called mid term break, where all the students try to go wild and lecturers try to breath after a long 6 dreadful weeks of mumbling and living in an 'wild' university life of trying to figure out where is the toilet. Alright, i am not making sense.

Yeah, it is 'holiday' but im still in office marking and a lot more paperwork to be done. At least i get to sit in office and get myself fat from the constant fb and snacks that invaded my drawers (all six of them).

But, i'm glad to have a mid term break, at least for the minimal, i get to breath right and get on track again. Plus so many paper that i yet finish reading and writing so now would be a good and ample time to do it, right?

But my brain now is fill with things like 'beer', 'convo', 'beer', 'fren wedding', 'beer', etc etc... Argh~~~

I'm out, i mean, Jeff out...
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