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Friday, April 25, 2008

Too many of me me and me. Or should I... God Knows.

It's friday and normally people will get excited one or two days before friday cos of only one reason-friday night. Well, it don't even work on me though. Been so bored for the past week. Trouble by many stuff, the biggest is when my current landlord came and say that he want to take back the house for his elder brother to stay. It pissed me off though as a month ago he promise that i can stay there for another year. But anyway, i got a better place.

I should be working myself to the ass though but i don't think i gonna do that. Been loitering around, anywhere for the past week. With my master thesis still stuck there, i was so keen to finish up a part at least, but i just not in the mood. Have all the thing i want for my research but still nothing moved. Well, i think this is the time when you just feel like doing nothing and lie down on a warm beach with cool water washing up your feet. Sun bath would be nice for me now, i think.

Well, above all, i think that i need a rest. Been three or four month i been working off my ass. Research, consultancy, papers, families, girlfriend. Am thinking of taking a week off next week. Student having exam and i think nothing special gonna hppen that need me to come back right? Well, tomorrow my girl are back for real and i think i gonna spend more time with her, travelling and dating before both of us start to get busy again.

I see the same sindrome in my supervisor. He's tired. He's been really working up his a*s for the past few month and with his bad health condition (Getting better though). I think he should also take a break. But knowing him, there's always thing that come up that make him unable to leave. Unlike me, he's committed to many things, both in and off shore. Also sad over some bad comment over his first book that i notice to be one of the best guide book i ever read before. Only end up with some stupid a*sh*le who have that nerve to give some stupid and really really 'stewpit' comment on his book. wtf!!!

Today i just do nothing, surve the net, red some blogs and guess what, i downloaded Real Media Player Gold 11.0 and watch "American Pie 5: Naked Mile". Nice dude. Love you Stifflers. Sorry for the grandma, die of Cum. Deep shit dude.

Well, that round up my 'fire' in my heart for the last few days. Maybe next few days gonna smoke some 'you know what i mean' happy plant and have some really deep shit vodka. I prefer everclear though cos Will told me it is illegal here (that the feeling man) and it basically content 90% of alcohol. Really deep shit dude.

Cheers, you cool.

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