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Friday, April 4, 2008


One of me and my fiancee good friend (Pet) just become a mother. Baby boy. Wow!!! Miracle of life. The baby is so cute and not yet a month old. And guess what, he was born on 23 March 2008 and it is me and my fiancee one year anniversary. Yeah. Forever remember it. Love you baby. I need to know that baby name first. Not yet know cos just know the news recently and been so busy with work. But i think they haven't name him yet gua. Don't know. Well if i, i will name him Jonathan. It is the name that i always want for myself. Will visit my friend and her baby next month when i went over to Sibu with my fiancee. But need to clear my duty, ask leaves from my boss and wait for my fiancee to be back from Johor. Should be end of April or early May. Hope all can be smooth.

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