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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just to crumble up some stuff~~~

Just to update few things new.

1) Just move to a new place, flat to be precise and need to pay RM200 +RM50 per month.
2) Just got my new car last week also, not new la, it's second hand but quite new actually.
3) New RA coming in tomorrow, so need to guide and assist him to do whatever that me and Dr. Ernest have started for the past six month.
4) Going to Kalimantan for a visitation to a local University there, organize by a PhD student under Dr. Ernest from 21st till 24th next week.
5) Just done my International Passport and it cost me RM300.
6) Lastly, i'm officially broke for this month and wait for my money to come in and maybe do some part timing job outside after work, help friend. Well it mainly to fill up my free time after work everyday.

By the way, be back to Sarikei end of this month for a week or so to rest and to take care of the house. Parents are travelling to Sri Aman for a singing competition. It's my dad don't know how many time competiting in a big local ring. Hope he will win as see he put much effort in training himself to be better than before. Ha ha... Always think that he should be a singer as he has a very good voice. I have to but just never practice for the past four years.

Your Cool~~~

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