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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wonderfull trip to Ponti

Hi Guys... I'm Back. Wow. What a wonderfull trip that i have. Thanks Prof Ernest, Prof Ahmad, Hardi, Pak Evi and lot more... Well, it's my second time go oversea, not oversea la, just over border but it is really an eye opener trip though.

First of first, i'm rather happy that when i reach Pontianak i can easily become a millionaire. Ha ha.

Pic: Jeffrey Holding One Million

The way the people there promo their business also rather interesting. There are more keen to playing with words. Like the one i see at Pontianak Waterfront park, these nice name that make u feel so good and great if u buy from them. ha ha...

Pic: Small Stalls at Waterfront PontianakPic: Hardi (PhD Student) and AP Dr Ernest
Pic: Seven-Up Packaging That We Rarely See in Malaysia

Pic: At Malaysia We Call It Red Bull

Pic: Me And Boss, AP Dr Ernest

Well, rather have a nice trip there and really saw a lot of stuff there. For instance, here our normal car is Saloon car but there SUV is their normal car. Girls here at Kuching normally drive smaller car, girls there also drive smaller car but a good type (Normally is Honda Jazz). But still, the most common transport there is Motorbike. It's everywhere. God...

Pic: The Town Itself

Pic: The Common Car There

And the food there is also nice. My Boss like it so much. "Prof, Bertapalah when u back office, keep fit". Ha ha..Pic: Food Serve For Ten Person. God...
Pic: Boss Enjoying His Meal

Overall, it is a very nice and enjoyable trip to Pontianak our neighbour.

Your Cool~~~

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