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Friday, May 2, 2008

OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya)

1st of May and everyone know that it is Labor Day. Well, there's no particular day (except birthday and anniversary) that for me is a holiday. I still work my sh*t out yesterday though.

But that not the point. Went out with my junior at late noon have a late lunch (normal as i always work till forget time). Went to Warong 2000 (Malay food court, just next to Kota Samarahan Siang Siang food court) and met a nice lad. He's not so tall and i suppose he's only around 15 or 16 years old. He work as the food court attendance, mostly helping out with cleaning tables when customers finish their food and taking in the glass and plates and throw away the left over. The nice part is that he is an OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) with some minor (i guess) Sindrome Down. Well, i'm not so sure but the thing i want to say here is that i'm touch.

Two thing i'm touch of; first, the fact that this kid is an OKU but still i saw deep determination in his eye to do his best on what he was doing, the same determination that we particularly rarely (very, very, very rare) that can be seen in the younger generation nowadays. Secondly is that the owner of the food court himself, not discriminating any type and skin color of a person, taking this nice kid and work in his company. Even though that kid is a bit slow and clumsy but still he can manage to do whatever he was doing in his own way and succeded. There is one occasion i saw him trying to stack up ten or more plastic glass so he no need to go in and out to clean again(it's efficient though), but it seems dangerous and i try to advise him to be careful. Guess what, he come out with an idea where he separate into two and utilize both his not strong and efficient hand and carry it in at one time. and no spills and error. Clever (for OKU with down).

Might not seem interesting to you guys (readers, most of you) but for me, i'm rather touch by his determination and if only i have cam-coder, i will record in down and publish it here in my blog. Such attachment with OKU in me was primary build up when i saw my supervisor cute lad, Walter (he's Down as well). Not pity but just seems to get that attachment with that lad though (i like him). He's really cute. See my supervisor blog ( and you'll notice.

Your cool~~~

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